Common Explanations

As a general rule, there is normally an identifiable solution and explanation to most Mandela Effects, or at least theories. These usually relate to key factors and information regarding the subject mixed with a common memory bias or other psychological effect.

This list is by no means exhaustive and may not fit certain examples at all. It’s simply to be used as a guide to why some Mandela Effects exist in the first place failing any hard explanations on a given subject.

NOTE: For theories and explanations on ACTUAL Mandela Effects, please view the postings here.

Misinformation effect

That misinformation affects people’s reports of their own memory. I believe this to be a key factor in many Mandela Effects. Simply seeing the claim from another person may sway recollection of your own memory, especially if you lacked concrete or deep memories or connections to the subject to begin with.

Confirmation bias

The tendency to search for, interpret, or recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses. Those seeking Mandela Effects will often be more easily persuaded by other claims. And with such claims they may agree with, they will often discard any countering evidence or claims.

Misattribution of memory

When information is retained in memory but the source of the memory is forgotten. This is sometimes present in Mandela Effects where we forget where we know something from or why it’s familiar, possibly leading to incorrect attribution of the original source confounding the confusion factor.


A form of misattribution where a memory is mistaken for imagination, because there is no subjective experience of it being a memory. Many Mandela Effects may have started out as imagination rather than real memories.


Facts cannot change; however, they can be revealed to be untrue or nonfactual, thus is the case with many things throughout human history. As science and technologically progresses, so does our understanding of the world around us. Unfortunately for us, our brain is not always built to accept new ideas and new facts. People who either intentionally, or unintentionally (they do not know the new information) can also spread these misconceptions, thus perpetuating these erroneous beliefs into society. This is how misconceptions are born and at the heart of many Mandela Effects.

False memory

A false memory is the psychological phenomenon in which a person recalls a memory that did not actually occur. It’s often cited with and has a strong connotation to some type of trauma such as sexual abuse and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While it would be quite rare for Mandela Effects to originate as false memories, it could fit in those lesser known or less believed ones as the scenario would typically be very specific to the person with the false memory. Because of the trauma involved with these cases, the subject would be quite resistant to accept any new evidence in opposition of their belief as their brain has literally implanted this idea as a counter to protect itself from mental harm, thus introducing cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance

Cognitive dissonance not an explanation per se, but rather a by-product. It is one of the main causes for so many people to be so resistant to evidence and ideas contrary to their beliefs and memory. Cognitive dissonance can be the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. Please note the use of “can be” as there is many purists that don’t accept the broader definition and scope of cognitive dissonance applying to memory versus reality.


Confabulation is a disturbance of memory which produces fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about the world, without the explicit or conscious intention to deceive others. People who confabulate in this way produce incorrect memories about the most trivial details (as seen with most Mandela Effects) but range up to more complex fabrications as well. They are generally extremely confident in their recollections and will typically resist any contradictory evidence (possibly related to cognitive dissonance in this manner).


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    • I actually came here looking for plausible, scientific explanations. I think “idiot” might be a bit harsh as this site does disclaim it is a work in progress.
      I am horrifically perplexed about these stupid bears… I very specifically recall an argument between myself and a teacher in high school. As I retell this story over and over my own memory is becoming distorted but the meat of the argument was “steen” vs “stine”. She explained to me that because she was Jewish (like, Fran Dresher, from NY kind of Jewish) that was why she was the authority on it and why I was wrong. If the name had an “E” in it then indeed, there was fodder for conversation. But an “A”? Why would there have been a debate, much less steen/stine confusion? I can entertain just about anything but I have to say that this particular memory of mine has me tripped up.

      • Mamaj, were the two of you looking at a book during the argument or just arguing your point off the top of your heads?

        • The argument ceases to be valid if the spelling is “ain”. The pronunciation is undeniable. Were it “ain”, then these two people would not have had the argument. Were it “ain”, I would not have had that same dilemma in my head when the cartoons were on.

      • I was like you, i just recently learned about the Mandela Effect and C.E.R.N. which seem to be related somehow. But as a man of science, I desperately wanted to read something that can explain these “changes”. As a kid, I remember it being the kids book bears spelled with a ein not ain. But the one that got me the most was the number of states. I argued with soooo many people about this. I was absolutely 100% that it was 50 states and then became 52 when Alaska and Hawaii were added. When i looked it up and realized i was wrong, i was dumbfounded. I mean I would have bet my soul on it. And the lines in Star Wars and Forrest Gump, thats just weird. I will admit it, i am a lover of conspiracy theory but i also love debunking them with rational explanations. I gotta tell u though, after watching the opening ceremonies of that tunnel near C. E.R.N. and now this Mandella Effect, even Im starting to think things are a little fishy.

      • It is absolutely feasible that you and your teacher had misread or misremembered the name printed on the books or the pronunciation of the title as it had been relayed to you by others. The suffix or Surname ‘Stein’ is much more prevalent in our culture than ‘Stain,’ possibly leading to the misnomer in the first place.

      • Its always been Berenstain.. I have an old DVD and VHS for it too and it says Berenstain. Listen to the song carefully and youll notice that they even say Berenstain not Berenstein or Bearnstain or whatever else people keep saying it is. Its because people always spelled it as Berenstein and that’s why they just assumed its been Berenstein. And now when attention is brought to it, they’re jumping to very irrational conclusions

      • That’s quite a stretch no? I understand the assumption but it’s usually best to ask what someone is thinking with a little less direction as you get a much better answer. For example, “What makes you say this person is an idiot?” usually gets a much more honest and detailed answer which you can then dissect and analyze much more accurately.
        Iunno not tryin to tell you how to be I just find this technique works much better for online conversation where the tendency is for it to decline into angry insults.

    • It is difficult to come to grips with letting go of memories. We tie our identity to those memories, but we learn the memories are as relevant as the an old photo.

  1. Every worthwhile idea should be pursued to find the truth and that entails getting off the chair,for a start,and do some practical survey.

  2. Whatever physical causes, this could also be a pure exploitation of the knowledge of statistics about “natural” famous misconceptions.

    Lets say you have access to some quizz database where you can find interesting frequent misconceptions. Frequent misconceptions might have different causes, but when they exists, any one has a certain percentage to be in the group of those who are “misconcepting”. Group a lot of this frequent misconceptions together in a speach and your chance that any one listening is at least concerned by one of those misconceptions is very high. And because the feeling, for anyone experiencing such a misconception, is so strong, a lot of people then honestly testimony of their own perception, which in tun confirm your own memory and stress the importance of the phenomenon that is now confirmed to be global!

    But it was already..

    There is a mandela effect and it has as much chance to be a magician trick than a modification of reality.. or… well… what is the most probable?

    Disclaimer: I’m not working for CERN, I’m just a time traveler who came back to debunk it 😉 Have fun !

    • You make a very good point. However, reducing explanations to “magic” is an inaccurate equivalency. People basing their explanations on multiple realities is far from magic and based in real science. Of course, we haven’t yet proven much with string theory, so it’s still hypothetical, but again, far from magic.

  3. …ever notice that it’s never an actual, authentic expert making these claims? It’s always the armchair SMEs who want to insist that they know what Hawaii ‘used to’ look like, the ‘real’ spelling of Froot Loops, and so on. It’s an odd kind of event that seems to hand-pick only non-experts to experience this so-called shift. If we had a geographer, cartographer, or similar expert claiming Hawaii has changed its shape, a TV executive or critic stating that they came from a timeline where The Brady Bunch was only a variety show, or even someone who could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they came from a timeline where they dug Mandela’s grave in the 80’s…any of these might pique interest. But these people aren’t the ones coming forward; it’s only non-experts. Hmm.

    • Definitely an interesting point however I think you miss a critical point in your assertion. To make this simple I’ll illustrate using the Mandela example and the multiverse theory.
      If we are now in the universe where Mandela never died, isn’t there a good chance that none of the diggers of his grave switched over to this universe? I realise this seems possible but that when you include all the other “Mandeal Effects” the likelihood drops significantly but it’s still a possibility nonetheless!

  4. The human brain interprets / remembers what we see and hear by SELECTING the most logical answer … it has to SELECT bits of information because the senses supply much more data than it can handle … a person’s past experiences will affect how the brain interprets new data … we only see what we expect to see … reading a sentence our eyes will jump from one word to another as soon as we ‘know’ what the first word (probably) is … “eye witnesses” often see the same event differently … when people see ‘something’ differently that does not mean that there are different versions of that ‘something’ (sorry to upset those who desperately want to believe in alternate dimensions / realities) … some of the ‘Mandela Effects’ are caused by ‘something’ being altered (covertly) on purpose … books / photos / videos / can be changed or created to convince people a LIE is a TRUTH and vice versa !!!

    • Your entire argument is invalid.

      Witnesses of an accident remember it differently…usually each of them has a different version. That does not help your argument, since thousands of people are recalling it the exact version. (sorry if you were desperately trying to make rational sense of this)

      Also, there is no reason that thousands of people would read “Bernstein” when they saw the cover of the book hundreds of times. I even recall asking my mom whether it was pronounced “steen” or “stine.” (someone above had a similar conversation with a teacher). If it really had been Berenstain,ther such a question would never occur to anyone. Everyone knows how to pronounce “stain.”

      • While I agree that our brain is fallible it does not explain why many people distinctly remember a “change” because there was anecdotal evidence to back it up that “change” — case and point — how many people growing up thought that the spelling of dilemna didn’t make any sense the way is *was* spelled? (in my reality as well as many others, anyways). It’s now spelled dilemma — for many, this is the way it’s always been spelled and you will have a hard time convincing them otherwise.

        There are “examples” of the Mandela Effect which are clearly miss remembering on peoples’ part (Think Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking” segments) but you can’t ignore all massive anecdotal evidence that says there is something to this Effect…. just don’t throw out the truth along with the falsehoods…. Remember, all you need is one “exception” to break a theory.

        Even Elon Musk — a visionary like Steve Jobs — believes that there is a one in a billions’ chance that we are NOT a part of some sort of computer simulation… Drill bits found inside coal… a watch found in a mummy’s tomb… just one of these anachronisms and our perception of a “raw canvas” reality falls apart.

        I want you — dear reader — to think of how life and all of humanity will look like in a thousand years, a hundred thousand years or even a million years from now. Will we have the capability to manipulate matter? Absolutely. Especially now knowing that matter can be in two places at once and that the mere observation of those parts of atoms will change its behavior — how do you wrap your head around THAT fact? You can’t and you don’t.

        Those UFO’s and “little green men” are US in the future come to look at how they once were — or as some sort of “mad-scientist” experiment (to us, on a grand scale) even how they WILL become — Ask yourself why most UFOs have running lights — like our own modern aircraft.

        The veil is slowly being lifted (In the “real” reality I’ll probably be accused of screwing up many people’s vacations or “E ticket” pass to an incomprehensible ride in an amusement part) — Jurassic Park had become Sim City 10,000 in our what-we-all-perceive world.

        God, and all of her manifestations, does exist — just not in the way each one of the world’s religions would want you to believe. They all have some Truth to them, but you can throw away any picture-in-your-mind how our Father truly is manifested… the energy of LOVE is at the heart and we all — every one of our souls — is connected in what we describe as a collective unconscious.

        My advice: Sit back and enjoy the ride while I wait for the men-in-black to knock at my door.

        • “While I agree that our brain is fallible it does not explain why many people distinctly remember a “change””

          Uh, yes it does. It explains that since are brains are fallible they are remembering things differently than they are, not a “change”

      • “Witnesses of an accident remember it differently…usually each of them has a different version. That does not help your argument, since thousands of people are recalling it the exact version. (sorry if you were desperately trying to make rational sense of this)”

        Did you realize you misspelt the Bears name “Bernstein” (the last name of a famous Watergate reporter) rather than the the way most people misspell it, “Berenstein”. Goes to show that people suck at consistent spelling and tend to remember unfamiliar words in ways that are similar to other more familiar words rather than the way they actually are. You pretty much invalidated your own argument.

  5. Please try to debunk this. I would love to see you try.

    I’ve been doing research on the Mandela Effect and it’s causes, and I came across the average Berenst-in Bears and Star Wars topics, which were believable, but didn’t hit home for me. But what has me convinced that this phenomenon is actually occurring is when I was reading posts on Reddit.

    I came across a post that said “Marilyn Monroe’s Mole?”.

    This is the exact moment I realized it’s not a “mis-attribution of memory” or a “cognitive dissonance”. I know for a matter of fact my prior timestream was changed, and I’m sure you will know too. There’s a piercing called the “Monroe”, (Look it up), which people always seem to be getting on their upper right/left lip. I even have a friend of mine who has the piercing herself. Also, I personally have a mole on my upper lip myself, and in grade school my buddies would call me “Marilyn” as a joke. Apparently now in this new timestream, Marilyn Monroe’s mole is on her upper cheek. I know for a MATTER OF FACT that previous to this timestream change that her mole was indeed ON HER UPPER LIP.

    If you can debunk this for me, I would love it, it’s been keeping me up at night.


    • That would be a fun topic for sure. A cursory search revealed that Marilyn Monroe’s mole (or moles) have been a source of debate for years, even with her contemporaries. There’s photos where her mole has changed position (to her chin), and even photos showing two moles on either side. It’s also been suggested that she would often change the color or emphasize her mole with make-up. It was (and is) a symbol of style and fashion, and her constant changes and augments to it shows that clearly. This fashion/style trend has persisted with pop stars like Madonna (the piercing is also sometimes called this) and Lady Gaga. Madonna typically wore it way closer to her lip, while Lady Gaga wears it way upper on her cheek.

      That aside, the location and positions you are describing are not even inches away, and your upper lip could even be considered your cheek to some. I unfortunately don’t have the same attachment to this effect as you, so unfortunately I won’t be able to give you the benefit of doubt here.

      You’re very quick to dismiss misattribution of memory and cognitive dissonance (even though you are clearly feeling its effects) and accept blindly that it has to be pseudoscience. That, I find more interesting and clearly shows the Mandela Effect at work.

      • You are not using cognitive dissonance correctly. Neither did the author of this article.

        It’s a big word for you, so maybe you find it comforting to verify a big word to describe a strange phenomenon, but cognitive dissonance is not helping you.

      • I have a mole on my cheekbone under my eye and another on the other side on my chin.
        I used to be proud of these, saying they were exactly like Marilyn’s famous moles.
        I don’t believe in the Mandela thing, so I’m curious.
        I know I’m not misremembering, but I also know there is no way I could convince anyone else of that so I won’t try.

        btw, re the actual Mandela thing, I have no problem remembering his release from jail and subsequent presidency. I suspect people are misremembering Steve Biko’s death in jail, not Mandela.
        Most of th others are so insignificant and so simply attributable to hearing or seeing what we are accustomed to and expect rather than what’s there… “Sten” for “stain” “is” for “was” etc.
        The Biko explanation makes sense to me.

        I’m just a tad concerned now about my mole, lololol….

    • I’m not sure how old you are but Cindy Crawford was popular for the mole located above her lip when I was younger. Could it be that the people calling you Marilyn got their memories of these famous moles confused? And hearing that misinformation messed with your own memory of Marilyn’s mole?

    • back then it was fashionable. Women would create their own mole with an eye-brow pencil. Saw Marilyn with and without moles, depending on the movie.

      The Mandela Effect is a product of information overload and purposful later changes made to objects. Most are to reintroduce products for resale. Some ‘movie trailers’ have a different “cut” used in the advertisement. Even the spoken lines can be different.

      Occams razor attributes this to commercial activity, not parallel universes.

  6. If the ME were true wouldn’t we all recall him dying in the 80s and not just some of us? I bet those would do remember it were children in the 80s and recall the celebrations of his release in 1990.

    • It would depend on which timeline you had most of your experience. Some recall it one way, others recall it the other. So, history will indicate that it only happened one way. Those who experienced that history have those memories. Those who didn’t experience it, they have the confusing memories. It’s pretty fluid. Would be lovely for more concrete proof.

  7. Mandela Effect …the latest attempt to find the magical in an otherwise unforgiving and hostile physical universe

  8. Could you debunk the Mandela Effect about the Queen song “We Are The Champions”? Because I have a memory of it ending with the words “of the word”.

    • Sure, here you go.

      The chorus is used three times throughout the song. Beginning, middle then finally the end.

      The beginning and middle chorus use ‘of the world’, our cognitive pattern recognition accepts this as the full chorus, and expects the final chorus at the end to be the same.

      So, even if Queen purposely removed the final ‘of the world’ from the last chorus, we would ALL, still, collectively blurt it out anyway due to our brains having already accepted the inclusion of it.

      Once Queen realized this, they actually started joining in and doing it themselves at live performances.

      Proof below in link, fast forwarded to final chorus:

    • When I was a kid (11 or 12), I bought my first album : Queen, Greatest hits II. I clearly remember the ending of the song : Freddy never said “of the world”, in the standard version of the song.
      I remember it CLEARLY because I LOVED this ending at first hearing. I always thought it was kind of sad, the time was suspended (because we expect him to say it, as he does in the other chorus… but no) and it was one of my first Queen memory. I thought “it’s fucking clever !”
      I grew up, becoming hardcore Queen fan, and I’ve often heard people adding “of the world” at the end when they sing along, when the song is played. A sign of recognition between true Queen big fans was not making that mistake.

      So ? Someone my memories have been “modified” ? Or is it just a common and shared mistake ?

  9. I am very much new to this “phenomenon” of what is called the Mandella Effect. But I want to just toss out my quick thoughts about it now before delving into deeper research. I myself do not recall Mandella dying in the 80s. But I was a kid then so maybe that’s not a suprise. I don’t recall “fruit” loops spelling and I don’t particularly remember the berenstain Bears spelling. The looney toons spelling does leave me piturbed. I am going to search for my old vhs videos and see if the spelling has indeed changed. But I also have this thought process about it. Why would it matter if it changed? (The spelling of the books the chick fil a and other trivial things). Maybe a company just decided to make a brand change or logo change. Is it the fact that the record of the change isn’t documented or spoken about that riles the feathers? Should Warner brothers come clean and say yes we changed the spelling after all these years? My guess is yes that would ease a lot of people’s minds at night. But if that’s not happening, then what is it? If I just breifly believe that time and space is relative and go so far as to stretch that possibly shifting realities is possible, then why don’t we have more widespread ME about hard core happenings. Why isn’t anyone saying the WTC went down in the 90s or that WW2 was won by Germans or president Clinton was never impeached. I’m just tossing out random things but it’s amazing to me how it seems to be trivial things that are debated. But for the more controversial, like a comment I saw on the host of bizarre foods or even the Mandela death that created this whole thing… I have this to say. If we are spirits in a vessel, and our minds shifted to an alternate reality, then all we will have is our memory of events in a realm that doesn’t support those certain memories. (Let’s not take into account how we can’t necessarily rely on our memories as fact). So if all we have is our recollection of the event in a realm which that event never took place then how can we expect to find evdidence through research that we aren’t going insane. Maybe for some, Mandela did die in prison in the 80s and never became president of South Africa. I just believe that many things beyond our understanding is possible. But personally I have not had a personal experience yet of a recollection or memory being altered.

    • I totally agree with you, Brian.
      I wonder why the trivial information is all related to the U.S. American culture and in English language. It would seem also that if, based on the theory that someone made a misstep during time travel which has resulted in us living in a parallel universe, then where is the global ripple effect. Why are there no examples of Mandela Effects in other languages? Bibles are translated in a gazillion languages; are all wolves replacing lions in those many languages as well?

      Or, cultural icons and famous figures in other cultures, what about those changes? Surely, there are cereals in other countries? And, if say someone changed something affecting the American culture, with six degrees of separation in effect, those changes would have to be global by now.

    • Brian, it is not a company like Ford changing its logo.

      It is that its logo always looked like that. If you Google any image of a Ford logo, or go to your Walmart and look at a steering wheel cover with a Ford logo (I did this), you will see it. Ford did not change its logo a year ago or whatever.
      If you have a 1991 Ford Escort, that logo on that will also be changed.

  10. In forest gump, sally feilds tells forrest life is like a box of chocolates, forrest says was like a box of chocolates, he is speaking in past tense about his dead mom, she was speaking to him in present tense, wait is forest spelled with one r or two?

  11. I’m happy for this site’s existence. I actually had an experience, as a child, where I began to wonder about reality changing (spelling of a name in my case), but have long since forgotten about it. Seeing this site not only reminded me, but after seeing this list of common causes, I quickly figured out what happened in my case. It’s funny how sometimes a mundane explanation turns out to be so obvious in retrospect – I was so stumped as a kid.

    I think our brains go out of their way, sometimes, to look for fantastic explanations; we won’t even think of good mundane ones. It’s good to have someone talking about this fringe topic in a rational manner. Thank you!

  12. My theory is the M.E. is cognitive myopia; I.e.; the brain’s continual processing to prioritize valueable information and discard the superfluous to make space for new information- cleaning ones hard-drive as it were.

    Nelson Mandela was not an important figure in America. The date of his death is even less important.

    The only M.E. anomalies that seem significant are the apparent distortions of maps. There are some rational explanations for these too. Further research by thoes “affected” might clear them up.

    • “Nelson Mandela was not an important figure in America. The date of his death is even less important.”

      What a ridiculous statement.

  13. Logos, spellings, grammar, etc. are modified and changed as time goes on. You cannot expect a logo or symbol of a brand to remain the same for decades upon decades. There is also this thing called photo shop and video editing. You guys are dumb as shit.

    • Were a logo to be rebranded, you could easily find that in the logo history from a simple online search. There would be images and photos of the old logo, as well as the new logo. That is not what this is about. The logos people are questioning have been that way through all of history. So… the Volvo logo has always been the “male” symbol of the circle/arrow, even though many of us never recall seeing it that way. Were it rebranded to include the arrow, as you imply, we’d be able to find both logos and photos of older cars w/ the arrowless logo. This is not the case.

      • Dude Stfu. Your a dipshit troll. Im reading honest questions and opinions by ppl who are simply interested in this odd topic. Every other post is you bashin someone. I think there was 3 or more posts where u said the same thing to 3+ ppl. As if they dont scroll down. My turn. Bash your head into the mirror where you took your sad lonely pic. Lmao Guessn mommy wasnt around to do it for you. Grow up. And scene. Lol

    • I’m afraid you are completely missing the whole point.

      Of course logos change. In fact, Geek Squad just changed their logo. The difference is, you can easily verify that they changed their logo, as the old one and new one are still displayed in and around Best Buy stores. Brands change their logo often, it’s part of the marketing and sales of a product.

      HOWEVER, that is not what people are talking about when they talk about the Mandela Effect. When someone says that a logo, brand, name, place, scripture changed, they mean that the logo, brand, name, place, scripture they remember (along with millions of other people) doesn’t exist now and apparently never did exist in history. A search of the logo, brand, name, place, scripture that they remember yields not a single result of how they remember it. Further, in the case of books, maps, the Bible, etc. people consult the actual book, map, or Bible that they own and find that what it used to say / contain it no longer does.

      An example of this is that millions of people remember that the peanut butter brand Jif used to be called Jiffy. Yet, you cannot find any evidence that it was ever called Jiffy. Remembering it as Jiffy is not isolated to a few people / events, literally millions of people remember it as Jiffy. Why?

  14. i have possibly had an experience with this effect related to distortion of the globe and flat maps,as well as many of the cultural references mentioned above. the map,globe issue is hardest for me to comprehend. there are significant changes from my memory of the location of land masses that seem to be recent and are severe enough to cause me actual physical symptoms as well as mental (nausea, dizziness, anxiety and fear) upon viewing them. i was advised by a long time friend to seek out a neurologist to try to rule out any physical reasons (infection,tumour, trauma ect), to get some therapy and maybe explore some meds as well.
    even though most every other aspect of my life/mood/situation/family seem unchanged, i honestly do have the feeling i am not on the same earth any longer. the memories of “my globe” are a very real thing in my mind, i can think of no cause for such a sudden change in my perception of world geography, i am trying my best to steer clear of conspiracy groups talking about other changes for fear of adding any fuel to my anxiety, i dont share my “issues” often even among friend/family, i posted here because this discussion was the most logical i have seen so far relating to my issue. i would be willing to add my memories of geographic locations/names to any data that is being collected on the subject.

    • Listen Sean don’t think your needing meds or medical intervention… thousands of people are aware of land masses being changed on maps even on this feed there are huge changes that haven’t been mentioned… I am surprised how it’s affecting the people that know…it’s real and huge and many people are talking about it … I am concerned for the people that are denying it or dont believe or see it…. they are being left behind…don’t be scared fear causes an unsound mind….it’s a knowing that you know just trust yourself

    • Listen Sean don’t think your needing meds or medical intervention… thousands of people are aware of land masses being changed on maps even on this feed there are huge changes that haven’t been mentioned… I am surprised how it’s affecting the people that know…it’s real and huge and many people are talking about it … I am concerned for the people that are denying it or dont believe or see it…. they are being left behind…don’t be scared fear causes an unsound mind….it’s a knowing that you know just trust yourself

  15. A point that many people are missing is that these maps that have changed, the words in the Bible that have changed, and even the spelling of Berenstein Bears that has changed ARE NOT THE RESULTS OF NEW PUBLICATIONS OR NEW PROMOTIONAL ISSUES OF A PRODUCT! The words in my Bible changed while sitting on my shelf. I memorized the scripture about the “lion shall lay down with the lamb” from the very book that now says the “wolf shall lay down with the lamb”. AND the map in the back of that Bible NOW shows the island of Sicily almost touching Italy AND the rock of Gibralter on the Spain side almost touching Africa and the rock of Gibralter is now a peninsula and NOT an island as it used to be.

    Somebody said that we now have better mapping systems through satellites than they had with airplanes…..GIVE ME A BREAK! The airplane maps stopped being a main source decades ago and these maps just changed in the recent years. As a young student I had the freedom in my social studies classes, to draw on the chalkboard (there is a clue) any time I wanted and I loved to draw maps. I especially liked to do the hemisphere maps, like the Pacific Ocean, where you could see a large part of China, the various islands, part of Australia, and then the other side with the Americas. YOU KNOW>>> the Pacific Rim.. Well now all that hemisphere shows is water and some non-specific green clumps etc on the edge which are supposed to be continents…AND YOU CAN NOT GO BACK AND CHECK OLDER ATLAS SAMPLES TO CHECK IT OUT BECAUSE T H E Y A L L A R E C H A N G E D!!! The only way you can check it out (as with all these altered facts) is to compare with other people and the “collective” memories of many. I had a person tell me that I am wrong about the Lion and the Lamb because it doesn’t show up anywhere in the Bible that way. WELL, on that note…. I rest my case.

    SO what does it all mean to me? (and I am still investigating it all) It means that some where, some how ((((oh, THAT is reminiscent of Scarlet O’Haras “whatever shall I do? Wherever shall I go?” being changed to “What shall I do? Where shall I go? ” and Rhett Butler not giving a damn)))…. as I was saying…. somehow things have been changed SUPERNATURALLY! Not as nature normally would change things, but some how beyond that. So if my world map can change and my Bible can change all while sitting on my shelf, maybe “I” can change. Maybe I HAVE changed. (A man said his wife is not his wife anymore, but somebody else) Maybe I am not the me that I thought I was.

    AND what could have triggered a supernatural change like these mentioned (and more)? Well, my home is that Jesus has left his home base and is headed here to get things straightened out.

    They really don’t matter much otherwise, these changes, since there is nothing that can be done about them but acknowledge or ignore them. I figure it must have taken something bigger than CARN or a black hole or whatever to make the super natural happen like it has, and what better than the Lord kicking off and heading back! Rusty La Violette from AZ

    • Re:

      “I memorized the scripture about the ‘lion shall lay down with the lamb’ from the very book that now says the ‘wolf shall lay down with the lamb’.”

      Check it again — Isaiah 11:6 — and you’ll see it says “the wolf shall DWELL with the lamb.” Go ahead — do it!

    • And now it’s called Gibraltar. Funny how your brain can mess things up over and over again, even though you were looking right at it.

      I have an experience all the time that involves other people looking right at something and “seeing” what isn’t there at all. I’ve been a decent proofreader since I was in my teens, and I see mistakes in the printed word quite frequently. As a test, I will ask other people what they see, and then I’ll ask them to double-check what they just said they saw. Most of the time, they will confirm what they said the first time.

      Then, I point out what’s actually there. Often, I get a reaction similar to the Mandela Effect…as though they think it just changed before their eyes. The only problem is that I saw it “the right way” the whole time.

      • Spot on Jeff.

        I find this whole thing to be a tragic testimony to the perverse side of the internet.

        I believe that people remembering the death of Nelson Mandela in the early ’80’s are probably mixing it up with someone else, the problem is researching this and finding the likely source is a somewhat monumental task, and not something I have much interest in at this moment.

        I also find the fact that so many people have such a false understanding of cartography and the false belief that “google maps” is infallible, a sad commentary on our current system of education.

  16. ….I meant to say, in the next to last paragraph: Well, my HOPE IS THAT….

    UNLESS it got changed on me in posting (just joking)

  17. Sean V,
    You aren’t crazy. Maps change periodically to reflect changes in the real world (e.g. national and territorial boundaries) and also to reflect what information is deemed most important by the person or culture making the map. Maps drawn for one purpose won’t match up with maps drawn for another purpose. For example, I grew up at a time when map-making and printing was expensive so maps didn’t change often. I thought that the Mercator maps I grew up with were accurate in all respects — that they represented the relative size of continents, the shape of landmasses, the distance between continents etc. Turns out these maps were designed for navigation by ship. They worked well for that purpose but distorted certain other features. When I got to college I was introduced to other world maps which were better at representing some things (e.g. size of continents) but distorting others. If you google history of cartography you can find out more about the dates when maps changed etc.

    If you are still feeling anxious after doing so you might want to talk with a counselor or therapist to explore the possibility that something else is causing your anxiety.

    Wishing you all the best,


    • You never once, in high school, middle school, or even elementary school, looked at a world globe? To most of us, the differences were either obvious, or pointed out to us.

  18. Re Rusty’s “The words of my Bible chsnged while sitting on my shelf” —

    Has anyone here seen words change (or other “Mandela Effect” things change) _while_ he or she was looking st them or listening to them?

  19. Re Rusty’s “The words of my Bible changed while sitting on my shelf” —

    Has anyone here seen words change (or other “Mandela Effect” things change) _while_ he or she was looking at them or listening to them?

  20. so your telling me life “was”like a box of chocolates? fuck your a dumb bitch
    if you dont know life ïs”like a box of chocolates then you suck for free

  21. An interesting explanation for deja vu is that there is a momentary instituting between short and long term memory. Example: Say you turn a corner in a strange town and see an odd shaped building that you have in fact never seen before. That stays in STM while you are needing it before slowly passing to Long Term Memory. Occasionally this process gets muddled up and the odd shaped building goes straight to LTM but as your visual cortex shows that you are looking at the building it is actually simultaneously retrieved from LTM – making it seem as if you have seen it before.
    With the ME might the same thing be happening? Somebody says he died in 1980 – straight to LTM instantly recalled as a memory. “Oh yes, I thought that as well”. It might seem that a lot of people are making the same error but in fact of the literally tens of millions of people who have recalled Mandela’ s death only a handful have remembered it in this way. It just seems a lot if they are put together by an article or website.

  22. Of course logos sometiems change, but the thing is for many of them you are not able to find the old version anywhere, its like it never existed, so how do you explain that?

  23. I totally just found all this out. I experience most of these as well. I remember it being FRUIT loops and I remember it being BERENSTEIN Bears I remember it being JC PENNY. I remember it being CAPTAIN CRUNCH I remember it being the lion and the lamb. Wtf a wolf…SINCE WHEN?! I went to Sunday school, not to mention the fact that was one of the first bible passages my mother taught me. I don’t know what’s happening here but it is very unsettling….to say the least.

    • Easy explanations if you just used common sense. Fruit and Penny are the spelling of real works so of course you would assume the brand is spelled like the word if you didn’t play close attention. Cap’n is obviously short of Captain. Where you taught the lamb and the lion from the actual Bible or from picture books? It is a common over simplification of what the Bible says, like the common misconception that Noah’s arc had only two of every animal, then the Bible actually says seven pairs of each clean animal and two of the unclean.

  24. Been on this ME kick for days now. I’m not letting it go to my head as much as some other theories I’ve shamelessly spent hours engulfed in, but that’s probably because it’s actually fascinating and not scary i.e (too hard to believe) like say some C.E.R.N, or Illuminati CONSPIRACY’S are.

    Simply put it’s something that can’t be proved or disproved either way, because it’s based off of personal memories; and although two people can share a similar memory, it will never be in the same way. Some are way more vivid than others, mine included. That alone is why I DO believe in alternate realities, BUT that doesn’t mean it should affect the way you view the world you’re currently in, or that it should cut too much into THIS reality at all. After all, it really doesn’t effect our lives drastically (that we know of) it’s just an extremely interesting thing. OF COURSE WE WANT TO BELIEVE IN ALTERNATE REALITIES. How COOL is that? To each his own!

    IN FACT, I got a different vibe from this particular phenomena (notice I didn’t say conspiracy) entirely……

    I mean they are mundane things, but this specific 1 letter difference in the word BerenstAin completely changes the way the word sounds; now maybe at a young age my brain could have took a short cut, I won’t dispute that. However, my parents and certainly my teachers, all know how to read…..and write cursive……….they would NOT have mispronounced BerenstAin if that’s what it was. Not that you would know that, because this is the internet and you don’t know me or my parents, *chuckle* so, unfortunately for me I don’t have any specific proof I can use to aid me in this “alternate memory.” I’m just trusting myself, because I firmly believe that somewhere along the line an adult figure would have corrected me. Librarian, Teacher, etc. Especially when it comes to learning letters and writing cursive. I was reading these books around the same time I started learning cursive, that I do remember vividly. In 2nd Grade. I don’t know, but what I do know is when I came across the thread I did not recognize the -Ain. It looked completely foreign to me. I mean before I even read the thread, I remember just seeing the title and thinking wtf is this? I have NEVER seen this before, was interested and now I’m stuck.

    I only have *foggy* memories of a few other ME’s which means that maybe it IS just faulty brain mesh or even repetitive not only me but apparently everyone else I knew at the time. WHICH IS STRANGE. No doubt.

    If we stick to the whole idea behind ME we believe that there are other realities, VERY close to our current, which we’ve slipped into and (out of) over the course of our lives, where nothing as a whole is completely off, just small things. We come across them and somewhere deep within our minds (souls) we just KNOW this is not what we remember. It’s just so small, that IF we notice it, we typically shrug it off until we see things like this on the internet, where we can read others story’s, and let ourselves truly soak in the sci-fi of it all. We’re human, (in any reality) therefore we like validation despite it’s form.

    A Christian probably wouldn’t begin to delve into this, speaking as a former one, I and (others) would take one look and think that this is yet another sign of the end of days, that’s what’s happening here. I remember feeling that way throughout some of these threads. Obviously the one about the lion and the lamb laying down together, I KNOW with everything in my being that’s what it was. NOW, this one I had to research more because it disturbed me more than the others, this was my religion, my preachers, saying these things. They go by scripture word for word..(yes, i’m aware some of the words are different in all Bibles, but not the context in which they’re written and surely not the whole placement of this particular “verse”)

    When I found the actual verse, it still included the lion but not laying with the lamb. Some would say so what? Is it possible that they just said lion and lamb because those are different in many PHYSICAL, EARTHLY ways, and that they wanted you to see it as the big lion protecting the little lamb? After all, the lion is still there just this time, he’s with the cows. NO, speaking as a (former) religious person and on behave of many other people who feel the same way, this means something. The wolf represents something entirely different, biblically speaking, then the lion. The lamb, even in this reality, is portrayed as *innocent*, dwelling with the wolf, which is also, in this reality, considered evil.

    Luckily for me I found an explanation that calmed down the religious little girl inside of me, and the explanation is human error. Basically the internet wants me to believe that it was said like that, The lion shall lay with the lamb, simply because it represents the peacefulness all of humankind will experience when the Lord makes his way back to Earth. This is all in reference to the Book of Revelations. Still IT doesn’t change the FACT that the actual verse was never recited in all the years I attended church. Even pastors will tell you they don’t remember the Isaiah 11:6 verse. That alone is baffling enough.

    If the C.E.R.N theory is true, it’s an easy one to believe in, that is, if you could take a poll of the entire population in regard to these ME’s. I didn’t study much about C.E.R.N because it looked like something my mind would run away with. Do I think it’s strange that these people are trying to trap matter? not necessarily, I can see the scientific purpose behind it. Does it raise any concern? yes. Why? Because matter is what makes up, (in ramen noodle terms) (haha) ..US. Not that I believe they’ll ever be able to actually send people through alternate realities without it causing some sort of MAJOR ripple effect in the current reality. I don’t know enough about it, and never will because it’s TOP SECRET. That alone raises concern, but we could go on forever and ever with this. Truth is, if we’re slipping through closely mirrored realities, it doesn’t matter because we can’t stop it. Now, thinking that these groups of people in our current reality are influencing it (Masons, C.E.R.N, CIA, FBI, GOVERNMENT) that could, scratch that, would not be an avenue I’m interested in traveling down for my own safety.

    UNTIL we get more proof, that is. Which according to this Phenomena isn’t a possibility anyway.

  25. First off, i’m not saying I have a definite opinion about the Mandela Effect. But….this site says nothing. It’s explanations are hollow. The biggest mystery is, why do large amounts of people have these “false memories”? If this isn’t some cosmic joke and has a “real world” psychological phenomenon, what is it? This easily tested for bias or coercion. Do what I do, do not explain anything about the Effect or your own opinion. Simply make a list of answers to questions about common Mandela Effect examples. Ask people, see what they say. 9 times out of 10 they will experience it too. Why? What’s happening? The fact is something is happening.

    • Exactly.
      This author of this article seems to think the Mandela Effect is one person not quite remembering something, when it is thousands of people all remembering things exactly the same way (not different versions from one another). Even verses they memorized.

  26. Something is up for sure. Don’t ridicule people you don’t even know and not at least hear them out. That is literally and example of cognitive dissonance. Can anyone remember what the universal blood donor is supposed to be?

  27. Well….im pretty sure Gene Wilder died years ago?…At least thats what I remember. I remember watching movies like “Young Frankenstein” and “blazing Saddles” probably a decade ago and my dad (who really liked Gene Wilder and those movies) telling me even back then that he was dead?…I’m 35 now and when I found out he passed a few days ago I was a little stumped….since then I have asked some of my relatives about this and they said they both thought Gene had passed away quite sometime ago themselves?…Does anyone else remember this as I do?………And just as a side note – I remember the Bears as a “stein” never was it a “stain”….Never in my life until recently was it “stain”….not until I picked one of those books up a couple months ago to read it to my kids and was really stumped when I seen it was “stain”….I knew in my deepest mind something wasn’t right about it.

  28. Ridiculous to even consider “Mandela Effect.” No better than the “Flat Earth.” Shame on people for bringing forth such claptrap.

  29. I believe many of these phenomena can be attributed to assumption. At a glance, I had always assumed the Bears were Berenstein, as that is a far more common spelling of such names.

    The same explanation could be given for Fruit/Froot Loops and other products names.

    If the Mandela Effect is real, why does there seem to be only ONE other alternet timeline being referenced by everyone that is reporting this experience?

    What about the alternate reality where Charlie Brown has hair, Kennedy was never assassinated, Russia beat America to the moon and Elvis is a living Michael Jackson’s living father-in-law? In this reality, Elvis didn’t live across the street from a donut shop. Lol.

    In another alternate reality, Elvis joined the Statler Brothers or the Blackwood Brothers southern gospel groups (real possibilities). MLK was shot, but not killed, in Memphis. Justin Timberlake is the worship leader in the Baptist church his grandfather pastors. Peanut butter was never invented. Morgan Freeman would be our current President, and Americans would spell our words just as the British do. Donald Trump becomes a TV evangelist, and Billy Graham lives to be 103. The Berenstain Bears are named Bixby. Weed was never illegal and cancer was cured in 1970. Nobody ever heard of Prozac.

  30. I think the emphasis on spelling , Logos, brands, movies, and Movie stars is very very suspect. But I do have to say Something seems genuinely odd about a couple of these. The Famous Louis the 8th painting, I called my brother and asked him what he remembered about the painting and sure enough Turkey leg with a bite out of it, just like I remember. Also I remember hearing of actor Brian Dennehy’s death, He is one of a very few famous people I have met in person. I do remember when they reported his death. I’m genuinely surprised to find out he is alive.
    But if reality is slipping/shifting due to people moving between timelines with memories that other people don’t share there would be examples in sports and news (not just timeline changes in deaths of famous people) . There would be domino effect changes where people would remember not slight variations, but huge shifts, where Nixon stuck with Spiro Agnew as his VP and Agnew was president, and it somehow led to Ronald Reagan never being president, and no wars in Iraq….and some soldier who didn’t die in Iraq cured Alzheimer’s or assassinated President McCain or went on to play for the Chicago Cubs and helped them win the world series in 2006. Or less dramatically someone would simply wake up in Seattle one morning, having accepted that job they turned down 5 years ago, while having gone to bed in California the night before,

    • Re: “The Famous Louis the 8th painting … [with a] Turkey leg with a bite out of it” — Most people think that the (non-existent) painting was of Henry VIII, during whose reign turkeys (from the Americas) were first imported into his realm of England. Louis VIII (a king of France) never saw a turkey, dead or alive, because he died in 1226 and Europeans didn’t encounter their first turkeys till over 260 years later.

  31. okay okay okay, i can see how people can recall how they assumed Berenstain was spelled and pronounced as opposed to how it was spelled, with that one vowel difference, and some of these other things i can see where you’re coming from. But exactly how in the hell do you think the location of a mole on someones face has anything to do with changes in history??? how???? it’s not like someone went back and changed the past so someone would have their mole grow on the other side of their face or in a different spot. have you people stopped to consider how little logical sense that makes? this mole discussion is proof that Mandela Effect enthusiasts are not the brightest…. you think it’s possible your memory just may have gotten a little blurry on some childhood details by this point in time? You will defend your claim to an incredibly strong memory on a word you were reading as a CHILD, without doubt that you may have been assuming a familiar pronunciation without noticing it was one vowel off, to the point that you will support such an absurd theory as Mandela Effect??? Good lord help us..

    • as in; no external change such as an assassination or whatever else would effect the internal workings of Monroes pregnant mother to the point where her child grew a mole on a different part of her face… makes. no. sense.

  32. The Berenstain Bears thing is pretty easy to solve. Even now knowing how it’s spelled, while looking at a book cover I WANTED to read Berentein. Maybe because it’s in cursive, there are already so many E’s my mind didn’t even want to finish reading the word. It just assumed it knew what the word was. As for Mandela himself, who really thought he dies in prison? I mean, isn’t there also a movie about him??? But him being released from prison was a HUGE deal when it happened. This Mandela Effect is nothing more than excusing bias or ignorance. It’s about as valid a theory as Flat Earth.

  33. So your way of debunking the Mandela Effect is to tell millions of people it was only their imagination, and they only remembered it wrong? Anyone buying this?

  34. Back in school I remember a teacher using the Bernstein Bares name as lesson on the i before e except for after c, not in the case of weigh and neighbor.

  35. I am 53 yeas old I remember Berenstain always being Berenstain and I’ve always pronounced it Berenstain. Berenstein is a Jewish sounding name and a family of Jewish bears is something I would have noticed. I am a Scorpio and INFJ we tend to notice everything down to small details. Marketing wise, in 1962 when the Berenstain books, were first published, a family of Jewish bears would appeal to limited demographic. As a child, I would ace spelling tests, but certain words, I had, and still have trouble. For example, Awful. I always want to spell it Aweful.

    • Jeff, that was the best way to end this. I have to laugh at all of this. I’m the worst speller and actually have done a lot of editing in the form of republishing old American classics. I know how easy it is for people to think they are reading something that is not spelled right. We see these tests on facebook from time to time. So it is easy for people to think they have witnessed something but have merely passed over it too fast. There are a lot more things to consider in all of this that have not been touched on or have barely been mentioned. I come to this subject as a philosopher who has republished a good number of classics in mental philosophy. But specifically I came to this subject because a customer of mine just brought up this idea that all bibles in the world have supernaturally been changed by the evil one in their various wording, etc., as mentioned above. Let me offer a few suggestions without getting so detailed that no one will bother to read this. First, as mentioned, we can pass over things easily thinking one thing because we are not careful. This can happen for many reasons. We can be thinking about the conclusion and not pay attention to the details. We can experience an event with another person and they can influence us in what we remember and we can forget about the associated details like the other person. The law of association is what triggers us to remember things. Similar smells or feelings recall like smells and feelings and associated memories. Thus similar memories can be compared or mistaken with similar memories. I do believe memory is infallible even though we can be impaired from access to it. People greatly mistake this one point: Our primary intuitions are infallible. It is our judgment that is fallible. This is what is missing in this and other related debates. It is not our mental faculties that are inaccurate but our secondary processes that pertain to the Will. We all can see something, but where we differ is in our *assumptions* of what that thing is or why its there, etc. Same with memories. We don’t just witness something, we make decisions about it immediately. Most of us were trained in this modern age to be prejudiced, that is to pre-judge. We are not taught to think honestly, thoroughly, or logically, or independently. We are told what to believe and what to memorize to pass the test. Naturally we create our own reality and become close-minded (incredulous) and over-believing (credulous). Anyway, with memories we can easily merge memories together for various reasons. We can remember dreams that often can be absurd distortions of things we witnessed during the day. We can also merge a suggestion with a reality. Like maybe some newscaster said Mandela could die in prison, or as someone mentioned another similar person died in similar circumstances. There are so many things that can influence this phenomena just from the law of association alone. There is also deliberate misinformation put out to the public just to confuse people. No doubt many conspiracy theorists have fallen into many a trap because of that. Anyway, as someone who is on both ends of the spectrum, as one who as a youth could care less I also went along with the world not questioning my education and just believed everything, and as one who was a bad speller I didn’t pay attention to details, but also on the other side, 25 years ago I did become totally serious and looked very carefully at details, and re-examined my education and take these subjects very serious now. So I can see how in my early life I made such mistakes, and even now, when I don’t care about the details of something, I see how I can be mistaken. (haha and I did carefully look at the spelling of that B.Bear book recently). Illusions are based upon these mistakes people make. But I also am very careful about certain things and subjects and often watch how people make these mistakes and are sure as anything that they are not mistaken. The problem is that people are not aware of how prejudiced they are. We live in a day of high speed entertainment and we are so manipulated if we sit mindlessly in front of that screen. There is no ability for the masses to think anymore. Very few study logic to even know the basic informal fallacies everyone makes all the time. Even fewer consider how the mind works and know how to think honestly. Thus we speculate about life because of what we watch on tv. This must be our reality. Instead of understanding how the mind works we just jump to conclusions. We let the TV replace mental philosophy and careful investigation. We jump to conclusions with no sound basis. If you really don’t have a solid foundation in the absolute certainty of your primary intuitions, and a humble realization of how easy you can deceive yourself by a selfish Will that distorts this reality, then you will wonder around like most people in uncertainty or arrogance with no real satisfaction in life and you will only add to the piling mess of confusion in the world. In the end, on that Day, our memories will be perfectly recalled, and they will tell all whether our name is in that Book or not…

  36. This doesn’t explain much of anything. This web site merely states that everyone who remembers something different is wrong because currently accessible facts say they are wrong. That’s not an explanation, that’s a conclusion.

    True, this web site offers some possibilities of why a person might remember an event a certain way. However, it doesn’t answer the basic question, which is at the root of the Mandela Effect, why do millions of people who are completely unrelated to each other in geography, age, demographic, and culture, all remember an event exactly the same way, with little to no deviation? That is the question that needs to be answered. The answer is, I believe, is more complex than everyone is simply misremembering. Again, how can millions of people, completely unrelated, misremember an event exactly the same way?

    • ” However, it doesn’t answer the basic question, which is at the root of the Mandela Effect, why do millions of people who are completely unrelated to each other in geography, age, demographic, and culture, all remember an event exactly the same way, with little to no deviation? ”

      They don’t. Misremembering the spelling of a word or movie line is not an “event”. It is like saying that millions of people getting its and it’s mixed up is evidence of altered timelines.

    • People that continue to believe something when there is evidence to the contrary are indeed wrong. I’ll stand by that. I was wrong about many things as I have experienced many Mandela Effects personally. I can admit that.

      As for the explanations, this page is just a guideline on some of the documented factors that exist related to the Mandela Effect that could explain things from a psychological point of view. I encourage you to check out the “Possible Explanations” on the actual content pages. Note that they are “possible” explanations. There’s no “catch-all” explanation for Mandela Effects; that is my belief as supported by evidence.

      The comments are open and I routinely get new evidence from either side that I update the articles/posts with.

  37. Hello. This was very informative and comments, truly interesting. However. Were all forgetting a major thing. We have timelines. Paradoxes. Worm holes exist and can be lab created! Ive done a lot of research in time, fabrication and reality and a lot of things. Basically it all comes down to 4 things in existance and accessible through our thought processes and waves. Reality (which we physically exist and life in) and 3 things of actuality (where we can access and also exist it). In other terms for weak minded would be “parallels”…

  38. Our memories are not reality. People from different cultures, languages, and training will remember the same event (even if a video or photograph taken from one perspective) differently. We have learned many brain “processing pathways” that are extremely complex, and likely unique to each individual. We’ve even created gods in our own image (and imaginings) and created dogma based on supposed canonical sources, as with Christian Heaven and Hell, which source mainly from Dante writing in the 14th century CE (written to entertain and congratulate friends and allies while insulting and demeaning people he disliked or was offended by). The visions of John of Revelations have been attributed to contemporary historical, political events, leaders, and then-current prophets, leaders, heretics. There is nothing wrong with imagining magic or diety, as long as that imagination doesn’t invade proofs, facts, or beliefs. But how can it not? I can believe a god will come putting the universe into an order I believe perfect, but my most ardent belief, it seems to me, cannot make that happen.

    I know well many of these phenomena described by the original author, and I myself experiened this effect (although it must somewhere have a different name that is descriptive generally – I know that Mr Mandela did not die in prison and that his life and experience are very signifcant to all of humanity). Every time I’ve experienced this phenomenon one of the explanations provided by the author fit the situation. Every single time. While there may exist alternate timelines, wormholes, gods, unicorns, and dragons for now those things are not proven to be or have been. Include the still popular werewolves, vampires (human type), and zombies – entertaining (still?!) perhaps because we live in an age of imagination, with previously though impossible (or unprovable) things do happen. But since they do happen, they can be proven to exist and become real. The Wright brothers imagined powered human flight, but until they were willing to imagine beyond the well understood and valid science of bird aerodynamics the airplane wouldn’t fly. They weren’t physicists but they realized a bird wing was very different from a man-made canvas stretched over a wood frame pulled by a mechanical fan, and they had eliminated other causes of previous failure. They were methodical, driven, and wanted to survive their discovery. They didn’t prove aerodynamic theory, but did prove that the currently accepted one was invalid as to mechanical flight.

    Proofreading in any language is frought – the secret to freeing yourself from thr content to be able to really see those errors is to read backwards. Reading normally, we don’t read the words so much as the ideas described by them…as we do when we retrofit movie “quotes”. Usually the false quote we imagine are an easier, better, or more apt way of stating or understand the original idea, thus reinforcing its memory (and often displacing the memory of listeners when spoken). And although Monroe, Elvis and Jesus (and his mother) have died, they are still “seen” by many normal sane people around the world, and cures are available at Lourdes. Miracles and magic exist because when we don’t have an explanation we personally can accept we create a cause, effect, future prediction, in a process similar to inventing new devices, processes, even massive and incredibly complex theories about quantum physics, relativity, gravity waves. The imagining process pursued, discussed with others, tested, intellectually attacked and defended, and only after all of that proved is what I consider fact, cause, effect, repeatable, reliable – real. If we chose to live in our imagination universe we have every right to – but without a desire or skill, or even an existing method for proof we need to drop our hubris and ego driven need even compulsion to project that same imagined universe onto others, or worse coerce, force, attack, or destroy others because they cannot or will not accept our imagined “truths” as right, correct, god-given, or manifestly destined. Yes, facts thus proven may be negated by future facts and knowledge, but when we rely on the best facts available every moment we exist, and believe our timeline to exist had a starting point and will end, that is the progress of knowledge in our lifetime. To me, that progress of knowledge gives me joy, excitement, and some small hope for the future of mankind. If I have faith, it is in basic goodness of people and nature, and in the modern Cartesian expression of proof of what is real and true. I imagine there are others like me, and I hope they understand what I have written. To clarify, my belief in thr basic goodness of people and nature is my chosen belief, not something I claim is proven.

    • This was well thought out and explained in a way that most reasonable people can understand. That said, no one will listen to you and change their minds, *because* you make sense, and I don’t think that is the point the the “Mandela Effect.” So many times I’ve wanted to comment on something, but I’ve held back because nothing I say is going to make a difference to someone who is enthralled by this ‘effect.’ Most of them can be brought down to mishearing something, like ‘Sex -n- the City’, instead of ‘Sex *and* the City’ and then believing that the show was always called “Sex *in* the City” because that’s how you’ve always heard people say it.

      Even TV shows are guilty of this. ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ ‘The Simpsons’, and ‘Raising Hope’ come immediately to mind where the characters would often make up a word or use a word incorrectly for comic effect that as a viewer we are supposed to catch, but the ignorant (as in unknowing, not stupid) viewer may not be aware of it and come to believe that that is how the word should be used, only to find out that they’re wrong later in life and chalk it up to Mandela.

  39. Hang up

    Everyone keep claiming ‘Thousands’ or ‘millions’ or people are experiencing this, when looking those posts and forums, it really seems to be limited to a few hundred at best.

  40. Here’s a link to screenshots referencing Mickey Tettleton’s nickname as FRUIT Loops:

    Included are screenshots from,,, a NY Times article from 6/5/89, a Sports Illustrated column from 9/10/90, and several books including Baseball’s Most Wanted, Baseball State By State, and Baseball’s Best 1000.

    I realize this isn’t definitive proof, but food for thought nonetheless.

    I thought if there were any leftover proof of FRUIT Loops searching Mickey Tettleton and/or Archie Bunker would be how to possibly find it.
    All Archie Bunker pictures on Google look to say FROOT Loops and a Youtube video on Mickey Tettleton shows everyone in the crowd with signs and/or cereal boxes that say FROOT Loops.

    I always loved FRUIT Loops as a kid and would often look at the box thinking that Kellogg’s should have spelt FRUIT incorrectly as FROOT in order to highlight more colors of FRUIT Loops in place of the “O’s” on the front of the box.

    I also thought as a kid that Mickey Tettleton was cool not only because he had a very unique batting stance, but also cool for loving FRUIT Loops like me.

  41. From my perspective, after doing a little (2 minutes) research online, the whole Berenstein / Berenstain debate can be whittled down to typos. The VHS tape that gets used a lot: has *both* spellings on it. Berenstein on the edge and Berenstain on the main part. The TV Guide “proof” at is just stupid, as I have seen TV
    Guide misspell crap all the time and I can’t even take this one seriously. Most people have in their heads how Berenstein/Berenstain/Bernsteen is spelled (whether they’ve truly paid attention to the spelling or not) based on how they’ve heard it pronounced in the past and now that it’s getting so much attention, they just can wrap their minds around the fact that they just *might* be mistaken.

  42. From my perspective, after doing a little (2 minutes) research online, the whole Berenstein / Berenstain debate can be whittled down to typos. The VHS tape that gets used a lot: has *both* spellings on it. Berenstein on the edge and Berenstain on the main part. The TV Guide “proof” at is just stupid, as I have seen TV
    Guide misspell crap all the time and I can’t even take this one seriously. Most people have in their heads how Berenstein/Berenstain/Bernsteen is spelled (whether they’ve truly paid attention to the spelling or not) based on how they’ve heard it pronounced in the past and now that it’s getting so much attention, they just can wrap their minds around the fact that they just *might* be mistaken.


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