Dolly Has Braces

Actually: Dolly does not have braces

Moonraker is a 1979 spy film and the eleventh movie in the James Bond franchise. It features Roger Moore as James Bond and is the fourth time he played the role in the series. In it, James Bond investigates the theft of a space shuttle which leads him to several locations. From California, to Venice, Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon rainforest, and eventually to outer space to ultimately prevent a plot to wipe out the world’s population in an attempt to recreate humanity with a master race.

It also features the actress, Blanche Ravalec playing “Dolly”, and the star of this Mandela Effect. She is the love interest of “Jaws” (played by Richard Kiel), a tall and burly metal-teethed protagonist and villain in the movie.

Many people recall Dolly having braces, when it fact she does not. The image above is a screenshot of the following YouTube video produced by ROMTHIRTY, a visual effects artist:

It does a pretty good job recreating what some people thought they remembered about the scene and Dolly, although some remember even bigger braces according to many of the comments on the video. In reality, she does not have braces at all, as shown in the following media:


There has also been other reports of changes as well besides the braces. Some remember her with less cleavage (less sexualized), having thicker black-framed glasses, or a scene where her braces get stuck in Jaws’ teeth when they kiss. All of these are a pretty good clues at what may be happening here.

James Bond fans seem pretty split on this. A Twitter poll from M16 (a popular James Bond fan site), revealed that 47% of respondents chose “Braces” when asked “What factor first attracted Jaws to Dolly in Moonraker (at first sight)?”. They later wrote an article on the result and their thoughts on the Mandela Effect, and concluding with, “MI6 can confirm that no change has been made to the film. The actress who played Dolly, Blanche Ravalec, did not wear braces in the film. This has been corroborated by others on the production as well as original still photography taken on set.”.

Recently, in a text conversation with Laurent Perriot, Blanche stated that she did not wear braces in the movie.

Translated as:

Hello Laurent,
I’m in the studio…
No, Dolly never had braces. It was never even a question.
Happy holidays!!!

Many have claimed she had to have braces based on semi-parody of the scene above in a commercial where Richard Kiel (Jaws) meets a cashier with braces:

Substantial examinations have taken place with the footage of the film, and in one case, Barrie Reader, claims that the film has been altered in some way. Although he draws this conclusion, many criticized his conclusion, including myself. Many of the details he has pointed out could be the result of compression artifacts, lighting, optical illusions, clustering illusions, or the fact that we are talking about a 35mm analog film (that was subsequently blown up to 70mm) shot on a Panavision Panaflex. Analog films are prone to dust, scratches, blotches, laboratory (developing) errors, and general graininess. Many of these film issues would have attempted to be corrected on the DVD/Blue-ray releases, perhaps even through automatic, error-prone methods (denoising). The conclusion appears to be an example of confirmation bias more than anything.

The origin of this Mandela Effect seems to be quite old, with one poster (Matti Lamprhey) all the way back in 1999 asking if they were misremembering this detail about the film. This instance appears to be the earliest (recorded) example of the effect.

Another very old example exists on the oldest 007 fan site, Universal Exports, which states “The complete opposite of Jaws, Dolly is a short blond girl with pigtails, glasses and braces.”. This instance is even stranger as the image they used clearly shows no braces.

Universal Exports Dolly Description

My Experiences

I am not affected by this Mandela Effect. Even though briefly going through a Bond phase as a teenager when the Nintendo 64 game, GoldenEye was a huge thing, I never managed to watch Moonraker back in the VHS-era. My memories of the movie are much more recent, and without the braces.

Possible Explanations

There’s no denying the prevalence of this belief. It seems to be a very common Mandela Effect, peppered throughout the internet through articles, descriptions, message boards, and as far back as 1999; although I doubt that is the oldest instance of this belief. What could possibly be happening here?

I think stereotypes are playing a big a big role here. People see a nerdy-looking girl with glasses and pigtails. What else do nerdy girls have? Braces. One commenter remarks, “I remember huge braces, the ones that like Jan wears In the Brady Bunch Movie”. Some other commenters have also stated they remember her being less sexualized, and having thick black-framed glasses. More things that fit into the “nerdy girl” stereotype. This is a possible confabulation with nerdy stereotypes common in media.

It also just makes sense. The scene where Dolly and Jaws meet. Jaws smiling, opening his mouth, revealing his grizzly cog-like metallic teeth, then Dolly following suit, revealing her own metal augmentation. Love at first sight based on their common metallic dentistry! The order is important here though. Jaws smiles at her first. Jaws likes her before even seeing her teeth. This is because she is an attractive female, not because she has braces. It would be an awesome explanation at their common attraction though.

The age and quality of the film may also play a role. Many watched this film originally on grainy VHS tapes or fuzzy tube televisions. It’s not possible to see every minute detail. We fill in those details with our own imagination, possibly to the detriment of reality.

Some may be confusing the scene with the Finnish commercial parody, although, I would guess this is not likely as it would be a very select subset of people that saw this before already having the belief that Dolly had braces.

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    • Yup it’s government agents from the future changing our past inside a computer simulation but they manage to get minor movie details and brand-names wrong once in a while.

  1. The funny thing about Mandela effect’s are when you discover one especially in a movie. The scene or the famous quote no longer makes sense to the affected. Dolly had braces, because when they smile and realize they both have “metal teeth” and have something in common is what makes that scene make sense. Now it’s just awkward and weird. Another one is field of dreams. “If you build it they will come”. Baseball field is built and “they” 10+ dead baseball players and umpires come. “He will come”? The movie is about making “them” come to play which sparks the idea to sell tickets to watch and save the farm. His dad was just a perk not the main story line. So “He will come” makes no sense because it was “if you build it they will come”. There are many more examples, “Luke I am your father” this reality “No, I am your father”. And alternate realities is the closest thing that makes sense, because misremembering is possible when it comes to some not all M.E.’s especially spelling of products. But when I watched Sally struthers say ” you like me you really like me” and then today see ” you like me right now you like me” (exp. Makes zero sense) is just more proof something isn’t right and if you disagree or try and debunk M.E.’s just means this is your original reality and your movies make little sense sometimes.

    • I mentioned this in the “Possible Explanations” section. Jaws smiles first, before even seeing her teeth, meaning, he likes her before. If it was the opposite order, I would agree with you a little stronger. I still agree this would at least give a little realism as to her attraction to Jaws. It is weird and awkward. Also, just because something makes no sense, doesn’t make it wrong. I can point out tons of things in any given movie that doesn’t “make sense” that aren’t reported as Mandela Effects. Or is every silly thing in a movie suddenly a Mandela Effect?

      • Very good points. I still fundamentally disagree with your view that the whole theory of the Mandela Effect is wrong but lots of these guys aren’t using their heads when it comes to the details.

        This one guy got really mad at me when I told him that movies are made in a chaotic and accident-prone manner that invites errors in the final product, he kept swearing that the CIA had a tight handle on every piece of media in the world and nothing would get by them by accident. I don’t know how anyone could believe this, most modern movies and TV shows just throw away major plot points and seem to forget their purpose towards the end. It gets even more blatant when you look into the production of hilariously bad movies like Plan 9 From Outer Space.

    • I don’t care for the Mandela Effect HOWEVER… This specific topic REALLY frustrates me! I watched the film with my Mum when I was a kid. When Dolly smiled for the first time SHE HAD BRACES & I smiled & felt happy for them both because they connected for that reason & they got stuck kissing! I have seen the new version & the scene doesn’t even make sense! Someone has clearly tried to confuse & create doubt for what reason, I don’t know. I do know however that without doubt she fDid have braces & the manipulation of the film & facts about the scene anger me a lot!!

    • What reality are you coming from where Sally Struthers won an Academy Award? In this reality we only give those to good actors like Sally Fields and Marisa Tomei.

    • I think the important thing to remember is that even if there is some conspiracy-type explanation for some of these things (and I think there is almost definitely some weird influence on some of these), it doesn’t cover all of them, some of these cases just got stuck on the list by people who misunderstood the concept of the Mandela Effect and weren’t really paying attention in the first place.

      In fact, the majority of famous movie quotes are misquoted on t-shirts and so on (which we see more times than we see the original movie) because snippets from long conversations don’t make sense out of context and have to be explained. We know that “No, I am your father” is the real quote because Luke said “You killed my father”, and Vader was responding to that, the other way doesn’t fit right.

      Another common example is just fixing bad grammar, which is an accepted practice for when newspapers quote people, by the way. Everyone thinks the famous line in Cool Hand Luke is “what we’ve got here is a case of miscommunication” when the warden’s catch phrase is actually “what we’ve got here is failure to communicate”.

    • Mark, that’s Sally Field not Struthers. One lf.many factual errors in your post. I enjoy exploring bizarre phenomena like this but if your post is the sort if thing the “effect” rests upon then it’s just good old unadulterated hogwash.

  2. I was huge Bond fan growing up in the 60s and 70s and I know for sure that Dolly had braces. And lookin at the scenes today they do not make any sense.

    • It is a trick, the original film that was produced and sold did not have Dolly with braces. The braces were then added to television and theatre versions to mess with you.All Mandela effects work similarly.The bandana in Karate kid was the rising sun on the old rental movie covers but not in the film(Demon mind trick) you don’t want to know the rest

  3. She had braces. I haven’t seen that movie in decades but remember that silly scene. This isn’t the Mandela Effect. It’s called ‘the publicity stunt effect.’

  4. Of all the Bond movies the best laugh-out-loud moment is when Jaws and Dolly realize metal mouths in common. Personally…when I realized the shift to this new universe my initial reaction was semi-panic, but I have adjusted to go with it because no-one is going back.

  5. I agree that this I probably down to people’s own interpretations of what they were seeing rather than what they actually saw. The quality of display would at times force people to fill in the blanks and as you say come to their own “logical” conclusion of what they are seeing. It still is an amazing phenomena however but I think it speaks more to group thinking and human psychology than to parallel universes lol.

    • Please don’t tell me what i saw or make silly explanations for it when you were probably not even around at the time the movie was released. She definitely had braces. OK?

    • you mention “The quality of display” like seeing this scene on a small screen is the real explanation.Dude have you NOT EVER BEEN to a REAL MOVIE theater?? The screen is 50 feet tall and 100 feet wide. I saw this movie IN THE MOVIE THEATER IN THE 80S. THERE is NOT A CHANCE of any stupid azz “quality of display” in a damm movie THEATER. she had braces on the 50x 100 foot screen 40 years ago.

  6. Ones like these stand out because they are more memorable given the context. I remember the joke of them both having metal mouths very vividly still, but I have to admit I that the memory is being erased the more time I spent in this universe. What a crazy world.

  7. These are glitches, shifts, anomalies, call it what you want, but they are real. I’ve found so many residual proofs from Mona Lisa on Friends (originally how we remembered her with a frown), to Cheers where “objects may be closer than they appear”…I find lots of residual proofs. You can find them in commercials, images, portraits, pictures, tattoos, lyrics, movies, cartoons, etc. Happy Hunting!

  8. …Or was it? Omg, Mandela Effect strikes again! (Actually this is a good example of the so-called Effect being nothing more than the result of imperfect memory).

    • Stein (surname) Stein is a surname with different origins. It is a common German-Jewish name. The name derived from German ([ʃtaɪn]) means “stone” or “rock”, the Scottish name (/stiːn/; also Steen) a form of Steven.
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      I KNEW the etymology of the surname “STEIN”. I READ THE BOOKS TO MY CHILDREN !
      I read the books with a GERMAN accent FOR THIS REASON.das isht de berenSTEIN GERMAN bears ya gut frualein??
      Don’t know the etymology of the word not name, stain.don’t know don’t care.NOT SURE IF IT’S GERMAN or english or russian or whtever. But I know IT WOULD NOT make me think OF talking in a German accnt. while reading to my children.its stein not stain.Stain is a noun not a surname.Stein has OTHER german associatios.aka beer STEIN.Stain HAS NO SUCH ASSOCIATIONS.

  9. The authur of this article wasn’t even alive when this movie came out. And up till now new nothing of the ME. Millennials… smh.

  10. Man, do you have a lot of time on your hands. Must be making money off this site, somehow. I would like to fast forward about 40 years when I can witness you mumbling and drooling about similar nonsense, but when people give you a pass and just call you demented.

  11. I was tired of hearing about the Mandela Effect before I saw the “new” Jaws and Dolly scene from what was my FAVORITE childhood movie, “Moonraker”. I saw this movie with my Dad in 1979 in Miami, FL. It was during a trip I took with my Dad and it was a dad/son night out, dinner at a restaurant called “Lums” and the new James Bond movie. Sure, we all have holes in our memories, and our brain can make us believe we observed something we didn’t actually observe. But! I’ve seen Moonraker over 100 times and just like when I saw it at the theatre, the Jaws and Dolly scene is a really important scene, and it’s important Because of the ironic connection they have with each other with their respective metal mouths. Period. Dolly had braces, the scene is nonsensical without her braces. This one I did not forget, I’m 100% right on this one. So, what’s going on? Maybe Cern really did do something strange.

  12. …..Exactly as Mark Starr comments on Dolly, it makes perfect sense for Dolly to have braces, in the build up scene, she slowly opens her mouth and the camera ZOOMS IN, meaning we are waiting for the suprise of the braces. They put this scene as a comedy stint, makes perfect sense. Often I come across silly explanations on why it isn’t a Mandela Effects, or just bad memory, it doesn’t fool me one bit. The zooming in shows the build up to revealing the braces. The author above for the article, you have to come up something better than your silly explanations.

  13. ….Exactly as Mark Starr comments on Dolly, it makes perfect sense for Dolly to have braces, in the build up scene, she slowly opens her mouth and the camera ZOOMS IN, meaning we are waiting for the suprise of the braces. They put this scene as a comedy stint, makes perfect sense. Often I come across silly explanations on why it isn’t a Mandela Effects, or just bad memory, it doesn’t fool me one bit. The zooming in shows the build up to revealing the braces. The author above for the article, you have to come up something better than your silly explanations.

  14. I thought this one was due to a tv commercial for *something* in the 1980/90s?

    I remember one where ‘Jaws’ has ‘Bond type guy’ trapped (tied up?) and is laughing above him, ‘bond’ nearly escapes the needlessly complicated trap, when ‘girl with pigtails’ sees escape attempt and does something to foil the escape. ‘Jaws’ looks at her confused why she’d help, and she smiled with braces up at jaws.
    I think they moved to each other as it faded away from them while narrator talked about the product?

    In the long version of it, i think you saw ‘jaws’ and ‘dolly’ out together doing some types of couples activities while the narrator talked about some product.

  15. I remember seeing Moonraker in the movie theater when I was 8 years old. Jaws smiles at her and she smiles back with huge ugly braces. I remember laughing about this with my friends for weeks afterwards. In school and on the playground we’d compare this or that girl (who had braces) “Hey that girl looks like Jaw’s girlfriend!”. So skeptics aren’t asking me to believe this was a simple memory error. They are saying that I *and my friends* were all mistaken at the same time and all those long conversations about her ugly braces and comparing her to my classmates, making fun of girls (as 8 year old boys often do), yes that was all based on a false perception. At what point do we start to question such occurrences especially with all the residual effects.

    Then there’s the Publishers Clearing house and Ed McMahon. There’s a Married with Children episode where Al Bundy reads a letter from the Publishers clearing house “I may owe Ed McMahon 2 million dollars?!?” Why would the writers make such an obvious error complete with laugh track if this was completely made up? Sorry but something is happening here and the fact that it doesn’t fit neatly into a labeled box doesn’t mean something incredible isn’t happening. And the main target appears to be… the Bible. How interesting and also predicted in Revelations.

  16. I think your explanation makes sense about people expecting her to have braces because it seems like the point of the scene, as well as a pig-tailed girl with glasses often having braces too. It’s easy to fill in the blanks. I’d imagine if the screenwriter is aware of this (if he lived to hear of it), that he’d probably want to slap his forehead and be like “gosh, why didn’t I think of braces! that’s perfect!” (Or casting director or whoever would have made the choice that would affect this scene in that way).

  17. She DID have braces!
    I remember seeing it in my youth and that the whole reason the scene exists and works – the connection between them – is because they both had metal teeth!!!
    She smiled – then his face changed and relaxed and he smiled.
    Without them it doesn’t work. They were def there!

  18. Honestly, I remember Dolly with Braces too. But frankly? I saw this film the way people who have seen it in the 90s/early 00s saw it. On a crappy VHS or on local TV, mostly. Because Moonraker was routinely left out of Bond marathons and was considered one of the worst throughout the 90s. (Despite it’s success, it was extremely camp in a way the mid-late nights didn’t appreciate)

    And my old degrading rental VHSes and terrible TV I am 90% sure made me do just that. ‘Oh, she’s nerdy. Her teeth are glowing fuzz with dark spots because of video degradation, it must be braces.’

    Much like how Alien is a way scarier movie on VHS, where you never get to see how awful the costume looks at the end, as even then it’s so obscure and hidden it’s ‘scary and exciting.’

    • She DID have braces… I as well as most the others here know this 100% It was not a memory error or filling in the blank. THRE REALLY IS SOMETHING VERY STRANE AND EVEN FRIGHTENING GOING ON WITH M.E! Those of you that are making excuses just dont understand what the rest of us know with no uncertaintie! You have failed to explain this away to those affected.

  19. *Facepalm* Of course she didn’t have braces in the film guy… the whole concept of the Mandela effect would require that to be true… but it wasn’t true to us. This is bizarre to me, because apparently, all of us who remember Berenstein also remember the braces, btw… isn’t that in itself rather peculiar… I’m sure it’s more comforting not to think so.

  20. She DID have braces… I as well as most the others here know this 100% It was not a memory error or filling in the blank. THRE REALLY IS SOMETHING VERY STRANE AND EVEN FRIGHTENING GOING ON WITH M.E! Those of you that are making excuses just dont understand what the rest of us know with no uncertaintie!

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