Scarecrow Has A Gun

The Scarecrow Has A Gun

The Wizard of Oz is a 1939 musical/fantasy/comedy film adapted from the 1900 novel, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum and produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

It features a scene where the Scarecrow inexplicably has a revolver firearm. That isn’t it however; the Tinman has a wrench (along with his normal axe), the Lion has a bug catching net, and a two-handed pump sprayer with the words “WITCH REMOVAL” (or REMOVER), and the Scarecrow actually has another item that isn’t seen or heard from again after the scene; a walking staff/stick.

The items possessed by the other members are usually not even mentioned within the Mandela Effect community when reporting on it. It seems like the gun that the Scarecrow is holding is the most shocking to people. The Mandela Effect here is that people do not remember the gun and are convinced that either this scene never existed or he never had a gun.

Take a look at the following scene below:

My Experiences

I personally do not remember this scene, but I was just like the others in believing there’s no way the Scarecrow had a gun. It doesn’t make sense. Yet the scene is there. I wouldn’t say I’m a devoted fan or anything, but I’ve seen the movie a number of times.

As an experiment, I asked my friend to watch the scene without telling her anything. She has seen the film numerous times. I asked if she noticed anything out of ordinary. She didn’t notice anything. I showed it again, and yet again she couldn’t see anything weird. I think that’s at the heart of what we are dealing with here. It’s an obscure thing that has no right or context to being in the movie, and it’s hardly noticeable even when asked to be aware. It’s only when we point out these oddities, the viewers become aware of them. While my impromptu experiment doesn’t conclude anything, I feel it at least raises some points on how this could be missed or completely forgotten.

It was brought up again in popularity (and my mind) recently due to a Cinemassacre video on the subject.

Possible Explanations

Many long-time fans conclude that the scene exists as part of a larger deleted portion of the movie that explains all of these items. This has proven to be the case with “The Jitterbug”, a found piece of footage that shows a home video created featuring the music and some rehearsal production from the movie:

As the clip states:

“The Jitterbug” took five weeks to rehearse and film and was cut from the picture after the first preview. Here is the complete track of the number accompanied by more of Alren’s home movies made during a camera rehearsal of the song; a brief opening portio[sic] of the number is covered by stills of the stars. The jitterbug itself was a pink-and-blue-mosquito-like creature who – under direct orders from the Wicked Witch – stung the principal characters and sent them into a frenzied dance in the Haunted Forest.

While the video above doesn’t directly explain the items, it makes sense they were given them to fight the Jitterbug, especially the Lion’s bug catching net and pump-sprayer. It also matches up with the scene taking place in the Haunted Forest.

According to “ninaplays“, a Redditor, she or he also mentions that depending on the version or “print” you are watching, it’s possible that the Haunted Forest scene in question may have not even appeared. Additionally, a lot of the prints of the film are poorly restored, and in some cases, to make out the finer details of the gun, or any other items the cast members are holding is quite a hard task indeed. Thus leading to even further obscurity.

The post-production of the film is fraught with inconsistencies. Take a look at this poster/still (which shows the gun and other items as well):

Miscolored Haunted Forest Poster

Notice anything weird there? Besides the whole scene being lit by daylight, Dorothy’s missing her ruby slippers, and appears in a red dress instead? They even forgot to color the gun properly. Maybe the artists didn’t even see it and thought it was part of Scarecrow’s hand? That definitely crossed my mind watching the scene as well. It could have been mistakenly be seen as his finger or hand, especially if the print you were watching was dark or muddy.

The production, restoration, and continuity of the film is a mess. The Movie Mistakes website entry for The Wizard of Oz has 22 pages of errors (which features this “Mandela Effect” funnily enough). This scene appearing in the movie with inexplicable items is not out of the realm of possibilities.

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12 thoughts on “The Scarecrow Has A Gun

  1. A ME that made me laugh was the Loony Tunes one. That it was once spelled Loony Toons. They forget both Loony Tunes connection to Merry Melodies and confuse Tiny Toons with Loony Tunes. I also think movies like Roger Rabbit perpetuated the word toon in the household.

  2. On the whole Looney Tunes/toons thing. I had a Space Jam ToonSquad basketball top I remember it clearly because I used to copy the writing of the top because I loved how the letters joined up. I remember the double O as it looped into the other! Now anything I find says Looney Tunes but I’m not misremembering, I copied it off the shirt everytime I wanted it perfect.

  3. Sammi: And yet every Google image of a TuneSquad shirt is spelled TuneSquad. You’re more inclined to believe your human memory, which science has shown us is extremely unreliable, over reality itself.

  4. Regarding the Tunes vs Toons thing. I clearly remember toons. I do. In fact, I remember making that mistake when I was a kid, and being corrected by someone. It was toon, not tune. A short time later, Who Framed Roger Rabbit came out. Calling the characters toons there, made sense, given the context. I didn’t question it.

  5. Scarecrow NEVER Had A Gun.. Its Just Like the New (an somehow Old?) ME. Loop/pigtail in The ‘Ford Logo’- EVERYONE I Ask or show it to DOESN’T RECALL EVER SEEING [The Gun]. Like 50+ year Old mechanics ALWAYS Pick the Org. Dimension Ford Logo. over the “supposedly current” Loop/pigtail logo…
    Furthermore C-3P0 Never had A silver leg either! I GREW UP ON THE FIRST StarWars Movie. Even pausing the VCR to draw & color scenes from the movie (All Summer long).. The Org. 1977 film was the only one we had on Cassette. Bottom Line
    The Mandella affect/ ME. Is 1000% Real, wether it’s Scarecrow w/ A gun, A New Ford Logo (that never existed prior to 2007-2012), or the Star Wars Hallmark C-3P0 w/ A Silver Leg. There’s A Glitch in what we once new as reality…..

  6. I don’t particularly like the film Wizard of Oz, but I have seen it a few times, not that I remember any specifics. Like it was pointed out, this is most likely due to the fact that there were cuts, run time will be made to fit certain advertising schedules and therefore depending on the network may omit parts entirely.

    But I always thought that Looney “Tunes” made complete sense as their work had few spoken parts (Tom’s screaming was always hilarious) and was like 98% orchestral, which I guess was so that it could be viewed worldwide without having to translate much and thought it was a pretty solid idea really. As for the Tunes vs Toons, people are most likely remembering Tiny Toons (baby versions of the original Loony Tunes characters) and blurring it with Looney Tunes. I even remember thinking “oh, so it’s toons now?” when I got a Tiny Toons Gameboy game. Looney and Toons both have an overlayed “oo” on their titles although slightly different of course, probably causing some blurred remembering. I highly doubt that, unless shown evidence, it was indeed ever Looney Toons. A video of the first episode was uploaded to Youtube 7 tears ago, with Looney Tunes in the opening.

    Another one is also the line “if you build it, he/they will come”. He will come is the original, they will come was a funny throwback from the film 8 legged freaks, and strictly remember my dad laughing at the “if you build it, they will come” line as they were headed towards a mall, because there was also “it’s a spider, man!” line that killed my dad shortly afterwards. It was such a bad film that I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “hey, do you remember that film, 8 legged freaks?”

    It’s kinda funny how everyone is relying on memory with no proof. Please, someone give me proof.

  7. I haven’t checked out the Field of dreams again, but I remember ‘if you build it he will come’, referring to Kevin Costner’s father. But I thought that later in the movie they repeated the line but changed it to ‘they will come’ as James Earl Jones is talking about people just showing up late in the movie. But there are other ”glitches” that I feel absolutely sure about. Like Mr Rogers welcome song the Kit-Kat dash, and the VW logo.

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