Mandela Effect Introduction

The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980’s. The effect exploded in popularity on the internet when a peculiar example popped up where a majority of people seemed to have recalled the Berenstain Bears books as being spelled as “Berenstein” or some other variation, differing from the actual spelling as presented by evidence.

The effect is somewhat different from a false memory as it effects large groups of people, seemingly without many connections and without the same emotional factors present. It also seems stronger and harder to escape the feeling that it’s simply a mis-remembering of a detail, which is why people are so adamant with claims of their memories. As such, it’s often been hinted at that the Mandela Effect is closely related to cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance can be mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds beliefs, ideas, or values and is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values. Please note the use of “can be” as there is many purists that don’t accept the broader definition and scope of cognitive dissonance applying to memory versus reality.

Many Mandela Effects are usually trivial details about an oddly specific set of categories. These include things such as the how and when of celebrity deaths, misspellings (usually replaced or removed letters), placement of geographical locations, quotations within media, or alternate imagery.

It is also related to misconceptions in general, although, again is differentiated due to the obscure nature and odd feelings resulting from learning the reality. The solutions, explanations and reasons for the misconceptions are also cryptic and often misrepresented or unknown altogether.

The term it fits most with is “confabulation” which is a disturbance of memory which produces fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about the world, without the explicit or conscious intention to deceive others. People who confabulate in this way produce incorrect memories about the most trivial details (as seen with most Mandela Effects) but range up to more complex fabrications as well. They are generally extremely confident in their recollections and will typically resist any contradictory evidence.

The aim of this site is unique among the current offerings online to attempt to dissect the possible causes and solutions for this perplexing phenomenon with a scientific, rational approach. If you’ve come to read about merging of universes, alternate timelines, and time travel then you are in the wrong place (unless you have evidence of such things!). It is of my opinion that the Mandela Effect is a real thing; however, steeped in the realm of sociology and psychology and not science fiction.

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  1. First of all I believe in the Mandela effect as I know I have experienced it first hand. Also it is very difficult to disprove or debunk the ME because it is based solely on memory. If it is a genuine so called ME then there will be no versions of the thing that has been said to have changed. All that will be left is a memory shared by lots of people. You cant prove these people are suffering from false memory, you can offer explanations as to why it is happening but the very nature of ME means there should be no physical or tangible evidence to go by. The very same can be said about those trying to prove ME is real. How, there is no evidence. We can only go by what we recall. It would seem odd that we all recall the same memory. Some ME sufferers or believers state they have found proof by trawling through the archives and finding photos or text showing the original item that they say has changed.They say its residual evidence. I find that hard to believe. If, as most state we have slipped into another dimension then why are there old photos of how it was. That cant be unless some of the evidence of how it was also shifted dimension. I don’t think so, I think the answer is that some of these so called ME, ( JFK live film footage shows 6 seats in the car, old photos in old magazines show 4 seats) have been put on the internet to muddy the water. They are false ME to hide the real ones. For every real one there are numerous made up ones. What a great way to make ME believers look like they are wrong. It is possible that when another ME comes to light then eventually someone will find an old photo of how it was. How do we know that these old photos are not fake. Again made up to debunk ME. I for one do not trust what I read or see in papers or on the web. I do trust my own eyes, judgements, guts and memory. I believe in the ME, I know things have changed. I don’t care if you don’t believe me, that’s your problem, I have faith in myself. I know things are not the same and countless others also know things are different, even more people are sure things are the same. One thing we can all be sure of though in a genuine case of ME where no evidence of how it was comes to light then there are no winners. This argument can not be won. That’s the nature of ME and that’s what makes it even more interesting.

    • Unfalsifiable postulations such as ME move us no closer to any type of understand. Evidence exists of a mundane explanation for the occurrence in populations. There is no need to consider extraordinary explanations that can NOT be tested. I would like to see a lot more scientific study of the human brain and memory. False memories and fallible recall are way more interesting than wacked out pseudoscience like ME.

      • If you have never had it come into light with yourself then afraid its just always goner be above your level to ever understand it isnt somethink we can ever really understand as things stand false memorys is the way i always thought it to be intill i looked round and heard others who have experienced the exact same memories… The truth is we the human race on this so called plannet earth know very little in this world, the smarter one grows the more aware how little we kno… Even in science thy practice religion thre was a reason why tesla accused Einstein of being dogmatic he said i am a religious man practicing science and einstein is none religious practicing a religion… Now why is it tht einstein always backed down and agreed tht tesla was right and tht he was the smarter man.. I am none religious and to me science is about testing the world around us to try and make out what is out thre and its about finding how things work all enore its about trying to find out more and more about what reality really is. You have not had those experiences so thres fore its like bashing somone because you think your brain is better than mine when you kno knowthink about the other person. And your statement holds no grounds on this topic I kno it is because i have had my own expriences and by the way i am open minded be alot easier if it was what you said warped memory after all thts what i belived for many years and it didnt do me any harm thinking tht but… Its important to think for oneself and dont just belive what everyone else belives or whats one to belive… Science is the way and one day it might explain this… Like how people never used to understand why we dream… Now it looks to be DMT the most powerful hallucigen know to man kind and yet its produced inside the human brain and in everythink else living even practerly every plant produces it and for what reason is still yet unkown. So yeah science is the way but science aint got shit on this topic sorry somtimes we human demand and need awsers and somtimes we just dont have them answers. Like the reason why we’re all here why thres life here whre we are… We will proberly never actually truelly kno. Just like the pyramids could be after all everythink get debunked every theory official storys debunke unofficial and unofficial theories debunk the official theories trust knoone has a frigging clue how thy were build.. And with carbon dating we if we want to say if somthink is let say 100,000 years old well to carbon date it and to actually kno if its a correct assumption we would of had to really of had this technolgy up and working for 100,000 years to see if its full proof to see it dont do anythink un expected and well we havnt had this technology for that length of time to really kno let alone 1000 years ago when the romans were still around.. Am i saying carbon datting is bullshit… No absolutley not we have a tool now and its only wise to use it or otherwise we wouldnt have anythink to work on at all. If in a 1000 years we’r all still here and still using carbon dating as a method to date the past we will then be able to go with carbon dating even more after 1000 years of use and research if after for an example we date somthink now to be 1000 years old and have somthink else of similar status similar or same conditions but is new now then in a 1000 years if tht has gone under the same conditions made of a similar or same material and turns out similar in a 1000 years from now to what we have dated now then we will be in a better position to trust carbon dating that little bit more because it would of gone under much more practical application by then.. Fact is we can say somthink is a million years old or a thousand years old but as we are now how do we really truely kno. Well think about it its it is excatly thru practical well educated guesses thru a tool called carbon dating what it might say thru carbon dating is not necessarily the truth if all we kno in 50 years from now thre might be a big scandel for and example whre is could get found tht its gotten things very wrong. We cant go forward or bck in time carbon dating isnt a time machine and threfore it shouldnt just get taken in as the full truth. Its a guess and exact same with the mandela effect you can only guess what it is and none of us kno

  2. Just to add a different perspective from a person with a different ethnicity so that it doesn’t seem that all these comments are coming from people of “American” background, I’m Chinese (not from China, so please don’t start assuming and generalizing, ok? lol !!!), and I remember the following:

    1. BerenstEin Bears” (now, it’s “BerenstAin Bears” everywhere)

    2. Kellogg’s “Fruit Loops” (now, it’s FROOT Loops everywhere)

    3. Life IS like a box of chocolates” (now it’s “Life WAS like a box of chocolates)

    4. Looney Toons (now, it’s Looney Tunes, WTF ? LOL !!!)

    5. “Luke, I am your father” (now, it’s “NO, I am your father)

    6. “Mirror, mirror on the wall” (now, it’s “Magic mirror on the wall”)

    7. Mister Roger’s “It’s a beautiful day in THE neighborhood” (now, it’s always been “It’s a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood”)

    8. In MY childhood reality, there were only TWO rows of seats in JFK’s car when he was assassinated (now, THIS reality, WTF !!!, there were THREE rows of seats in his sedan, AND 5 or 6 people in it altogether.

    And many more examples that make most of us go “WTF! None of this stuff makes any sense…..unless you happen to be a native from THAT OTHER parallel universe.

    • In Shrek, Lord Farquaad still says mirror mirror. And Bigby Wolf from the video game The Wolf Among Us, also says mirror mirror instead of magic mirror.

    • Yeah! Damn Straight Skippy!
      Look, whatever is going on, I’m a “nobody” so why screw with me?
      It has always Been “Looney Toons” as in CARTOONS, because they are cartoons, not tunes as in music… but those that argue its always been “Tunes”
      just do not get it… why can’t they see the obvious? And people want to argue its just a psychological phenomenon?

  3. Regards the bond1 Mandela sign. They are referring to bond1 multiple network multiple server control. google it it’s a term used by computer geeks just like that dude in the pic. He is not referring to Barry Nelson look at the picture does it look like this dude is a 007 fan,. I don’t think so??? Probly at CERN they are using bond1 multiple network on a different level which would explain every post I’m reading on the forum

  4. Regards the bond1 Mandela. They are referring to bond1 multiple network multiple server control. google it it’s a term used by computer geeks just like that dude in the pic. He is not referring to Barry Nelson look at the picture does it look like this dude is a 007 fan,. I don’t think so??? Probly at CERN they are using bond1 multiple network on a different level which would explain every post I’m reading on the forum

  5. I like your work so far. The only Mandela effect debunkers I’ve found are bible thumpers who said Satan went back in time and changed everything. I was wondering if you could add a request section. Here are some I’m interested to read your thoughts on: Bible changes, Jif/Jiff/Jiffy, Ready wip, no body doesn’t sara lee (even if it was a marketing change, why use a double negative?), Australia/NewZealand , South America, Italy, 4 or 6 passengers in JFK car, forest gump, interview with a vampire, kit kat, coca cola, skechers, loony tunes, mona lisa,

  6. Ok. So I just asked my oldest children ages 24 and 21 what was the name of that book series we read when they were little about the bear family – and they both texted back – ‘bearenstein’. So I go digging through old boxes and found the books – they are all spelled ‘barenstain’. Freaky?? Yes. But it’s all just satan people – just sayin’. Watch and pray my friends . . .

      • In order to understand this you need to understand the Saturn theory. This theory attempts (and is pretty good at imo) to tie together science, religion, human physiology, alien rumors, the mandella effect, quantum theory, D-wave quantum computing, CERN, astronomy and world events together. If you didnt believe in the Mandela Effect, you would find it all ridiculous. if you have been a victim of the ME like I have …. well, you’ve got no choice but to open your mind to any possibilities, and I do find it compelling to give myself into it.

        Basically the Saturn theory (im still learning it apologies for any mistake) say that humans are older than what we have been led to believe (history records back to the ancient Sumerians in 5000-10000 BC as the oldest race, but Saturn theory says humans have been around for about 200,000 years), and that early on aliens interfered by coming to us and introducing new technologies that helped build the civilizations and wonders of the ancient world. in exchange, or somewhere along the deal, humans swore allegiance to these aliens/demons/”fallen” angels (the Saturn theory likens them as the same) to sell out the god of this earth for the alien god of Saturn.

        That is the reason why 666 is considered evil, apparently Saturn can be seen to have a 6-sided hexagon on top of it, and why we worship Saturday as one of “our free days”, because humans have been led to worship the number 6 as Saturn is the sixth planet of the solar system. Its very interesting when you consider other unrelated theories like the fact that almost all religions start out as Man worshipping The Sun (aka. The S (o)n of God), but we were led astray. Saturn’s god is, of course, Satan.

        If you bring Christianity into it, it basically redefines the Bible to mean that Jesus was sent to earth to be born here by the god of Earth to lead mankind back to worshipping the real god of Earth rather than the alien god of Saturn, but by the time of his crucifixion Jesus realized that this was no longer his world, because if he were Earth’s angels would not allow him to die by the traitors who betrayed our real god, so they would come rushing to his aide. Since no angels came Jesus realized man had lost their way and said that he would reveal himself to “TRUE Believers” who renounce their sins and out their faith in “The one true god” again, the god of our earth.

        As for the Mandela Effect, it explains that due to quantum physics there exist an infinite number of parallel universes we cannot see (mainstream physicists AGREE with this), and that those who remember life before we are “awakened” to the fact that we have been transported to a different dimension by those that worship Saturn/Satan (but we are still on earth), thus “turning our eyes away from God”. This is the reason why the angels did not come to save Jesus, and he realized we were already worshipping Saturn and had been transported to a parallel universe that is not our own. If we were on our real esrth and still worshipped our real god, the angels would have intervened to save Jesus and kill those who swore allegiance to an alien god. That is the reason why when people misinterpret the Bible they think Armageddon will come and the angels will smite down the wicked and Jesus will save the pure, but its wrong. We have to “wake up” (realizing tne Mandela Effect”, reject the alien god of Saturn who has invaded our consciousness, worship the real god of our earth who loves us, and finally we will make our way back to Jesus and the angels, who will “come again” to us.

        Its interesting. I am muddling it up a little bit because I dont fully understand everything yet, but its definitely got some merit to me.

        • ‘Basically the Saturn theory (im still learning it apologies for any mistake) say that humans are older than what we have been led to believe (history records back to the ancient Sumerians in 5000-10000 BC as the oldest race, but Saturn theory says humans have been around for about 200,000 years)’

          Wow, what a load of rubbish. Historians, or scientists, have NEVER claimed that the Sumerians were the oldest humans, just that they were the oldest civilisation. If you bothered to carry out the simplest google search the result would show this:

          How Long Have Humans Been On Earth? While our ancestors have been around for about six million years, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago. Civilization as we know it is only about 6,000 years old, and industrialization started in the earnest only in the 1800s.

          And please don’t call what you are doing ‘learning’, it belittles intelligence.

    • Why is this one so hard for people to understand? A lot of names end in “stein” and very few names end in “stain” so it’s just natural that our brains would gloss over the word and incorrectly see “stein” rather than “stain”.

      I actually found out that it was “Berenstain” back when I was a young kid (way before most people claim the name “changed”). It happened when I listened to a Berenstain Bears book on audiotape. The narrator pronounced it “Berenstain” and I wondered why he was pronouncing it that way. Then I picked up the actual book and looked more closely at the word and realized that was an “a” rather than an “e”. I’ve been correcting people on that pronunciation for decades.

      • One big problem with your theory. Most of the kids I grew up with and I came into contact with the books long before we knew that stein was a more common ending to a name then stain. In small town America you don’t run into too many stein ending names. In fact the Berenstein books were my first exposure to a name with that ending. Growing up our biggest argument was whether it was pronounced ‘steen’ or ‘stine’. That wouldn’t make any sense with the stain spelling.

  7. Hi. There are so many that write the ‘mandela thing” I hate the title given to this ‘effect’, but nontheless, there are many, many instances of changes that haven’t been mentioned. You self proclaiming christians that claim that God’s Word can never be changed are correct but God’s Word is not paper and ink, Read your bible. John 1:1 is the first verse in the opening chapter of the Gospel of John. In both the Douay–Rheims and King James versions of the Bible, the verse reads: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Surely you don’t believe that God had a printing press ‘in the beginning’ do you? Jesus, He is The Word! Christians were told to write God’s word upon our hearts…keep Jesus there, become ‘changed’ by the content in your heart, Jesus will transform your ver nature…I read in mathew 12:24 when Jesus speaks of God’s love toward ‘His’ children…Jesus said “Consider the Sparrow” He never said as is written NOW “Consider the Raven” No, No, No…By mere definition you will find that ravens are now and have always been associated with witchcraft and black magic…is it just coincidental that Isaiah 11:6 has been changed from “LION” (JESUS) to “WOLF” (satan)?
    We read in SCRIPTURE (God breathed words given to us so that we may Know our creator) Jesus says that many will come to Him at the end of days and profess their love for Him, extolling Hid majesty and possibly quaoting Scripture(?)…but yet He will tell them that He never knew them…WHY? Maybe in a few years more important, or even more relevant ‘changes’ will BE ACCEPTED and LEARNED by our children and those coming to Christ in the latter days? They may completely remember the ‘corrupted’ scriptures…just as the pharisis taunted Jesus, quoting Scriptures, yet They Knew Him NOT! …Don’t remember ‘wolves and ravens’…God did not say His scripture COULD NOT be changed! HE ONLY WARNED those that would corrupt and Change HIS Scriptures! Be wise…God is doing something…A great sepperration is taking place, a falling away! Hold on fast to your Faith in The Living Word! JESUS!!!

  8. I didn’t mention the more familiar ‘changes’ that this mandela effect has been rightfully accused of…I mean has anyone seen the 2014 video that the good people of CERN have released? In the video the folks are doing some dancing in some celabratory fashion (?)…at the 2:31 mark a man, worker(?) at sern and he is holding up a signin his left hand saying that ‘they’ are happy at cern, it has to be blown up to see, BUT on his lap are 2 signs…”Bond 1″ and below that “MANDELA”…Is this a ‘SMUG’ reference to something that they are not only aware of, but in fact are causing? The first reference “Bond 1” is no doubt a reference to the first actor to play James Bond, Barry NELSON…the 2nd sign is obvious. Great research and attention was given by these people, so there is that…see for yourself
    The seemingly unimportant changes that are commonly reported are very real and I have considered that the reasons for changes in titles of movies and books and the actual changing that was done to original movies and books that have been ‘magically’ changed, such as pulling out an old vcr tape and watching star wars, seeing that Darth Vader n longer, in fact, Never said “Luke, I am your father”, he Now says “No, I am your father” Forest Gump now ‘changes the TENSE from Present to Past when he says “Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates” instead of “is like a box of chocolates”…and of course the famous “Mirror, Mirror” change, the “Interview with A Vampire” now Interview with THE vampire…there are many more…Chuck E Cheese’s appears to have changed from Chuckie Cheese ? Sally Field, the flying nun and many movies and tv shows was never Sally Fields, she has always been Sally Field?
    I could go on and on and so could you people that are also noting these changes, but we have to get to the Reasoning behind ‘why’ it is taking place globally…
    There is a physisicst computer designer that posted a video on youtube about his latest computer break through. He has designed a Quantum ‘computer’ that breaks all the heretofor rules from the past that limited computing. He developed q-bits, (quantum bits) that have an amazing ability o be in an unlimited amount of ‘time/space’ ability. No more 1’s and 0’s, the q-bit can change instantly into either one or both and that change crosses, disregards time, jumps demensions, back and forth Faster than a human thought…think about that for a second…up till now we have always accepted that light is the fastest speed that can ever be observed…186,000 miles per second…ie: It takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach earth, but with these new quantum computers, and their brains (q-bits) the old standard is dead, because they can jump back and forth instantaneously, and are unlimited in their reach…infinity perhaps? Either way, this guy explains some very fascinating, head hurting things that my limited iq can’t quite wrap my head around. He describes the quantum computer that he designed, He says it is large, I may be a bit off in my memory of his description but I think he said it is appx. 6 feet high, and 8 foot wide(?), and maybe 2 or 3 feet in depth. It is kept at temperature of minus (?) absolute zero, which is the coldest known temp that we have observed in space…the machine makes a sound that he says could be very easily mistaken for a Human Heartbeat… He explains that with the q-bit design, there is a multiplication, duplication process that allows it to continually double in power, and is jumping back and forth through dimensional boundries. Computing equations on other dimensions because they can’t be completed in original dimension and then instantly applying the answers to the other dimension…see, this is elementry to his brain and I a already getting lost…But if you don’t mind a headach, please take a look at his video…fascinating stuff…
    One thing for certain, we are seeing noticeable changes and biblical prophesy being revealed before our eyes, but seeing those revelations aren’t easily recognized, many will never be able to observe them, but yet they are there…Good Luck and God Bless!

  9. IF you are looking into the reason for the mendela effect, scientifically, you need to research into quantom theory. The birth of the D-wave, and other super computers and also the experiments with CERN are starting to affect our reality. To specifically study or understand, we are required to atleast learn the basics of Quantum computing, and Quantum String theory. So your bias of alternate time ect. is not fiction at all. We all know that matter is 99% empty space, that all Matter, Is energy, a charge with a spin, and also motion. Once you are able to atleast “think” in this manner you understand that the very basis of the world. IS illusion. That two people viewing the exact same instance and see different things, and to each person the thing they saw is “true” correct? as in… not a lie. So truth is based on a persons point of view, and angle of sight. This is why lots of what i find as “western” thought kinda fails me, because i believe in the marriage of “spirit, religon, god, ghost, you know “supernatural” like the eastern “chi” energy (the things that men who spent their entire lives doing nothing but THINKING about reality!!) with science. To me this is a truth, and has come to life, ive been self studying science, and all the religions that i can. This is indeed a part of the human Subconscious, but its below that. Our conscious mind only makes up 10% of our being as through Freud (i think that is his name, i taught the concept to a few college girls that i dated but its been a while) then subconscious mind makes up between like 30-40%. Then is under the subconscious, that makes the rest of who we are. This is even a place that you can be Hypnotized to . Acording to particle string theory the world and its universe is a projection of your reality from the inner being. The place were stoics when wrong is that we are not ALONE , i am not the ONLY soul, the only Projection. and the rest of you are fake. Everything that exists is a combined projection, every thing is “Animation” is it not? by the very basis of the motion of existence? anyways, this is a piece of humans that can be universally tapped, by hypnosis. And can be queried. There is historical evidence of this through Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, but also remember, how in class or school, how you passed the message from one to another? and by the end of the line it was off? This is also with religion, and theory. THIS IS MY THEORY no one elses, i do not borrow this from anything or anyone, this is my conclusion, quantom computers, are able to think in another dimension, imagine your a wright brother, and riding the first plane, you are slower than a horse in a race, but you are moving in a different fashion, a different dimension. This is the power of the computing a quantom levels, when you achieve it, you have “flight” nothing exists that cannot be measured… true? We are on the verge of something different entirely, The playstion, the xbox, the calutions they are capable of, and easily plot 3 dimensional space, movements, even follow the LAWS written into an interchangeable system of cd’s. When we are able to use this computer to calculate the “unseen” , that whole other dimension will “exist” to the human conscious the top level the Freud was speaking about. The FACT that i use, or … evidence is the particle of light. If you measure light as a wave, it becomes a wave (only a wave), if you measure it as a particle, it is a particle only … quantum can not only be one or the other but both. When i see a depiction of a super nova on nova, or depicted by neil degrasse ect. i see an explosion of matter, along the 3 dimensional planes (imagine a 3d math “graph” going three ways. {up-down, left right, and Close and away.} with a “wave” curve moving from 0 outward, with every Graphing dot. (the more forceful the more heavily curved this Wave “a semicircle” is.) why is the matter not a bubble? why is it in the shape of a wave? because it spins, and we can only physically perceive this spin. The quantum is going to be able to calculate the rest of this “explosion”, and it will become “real”. Well how is that you say? Because of this universal consciousness, of animated energy and spin (matter!!! the outward projection of reality) , the perception of this other dimension becomes “real” because we can measure it. The measure of the this by a quantum device will make it so. and no longer will we have problems with things like measuring the location of an electron, and it speed at the same time, because it can be both. How does this relate to the Mandela effect? when we plot a 4th dimension on a 3 dimensional curve, we are going not only get one bubble of existence but multiple. How does this relate to the differing “memories” of humanity? because of that TRUTH vs angle of perception. Entire groups of the human subconscious project a different reality. because they witnessed something different but TRUE (as in im not lieing, or mistaking what i witnessed) we are now going to be aware, to become this 4th Dimension also, this “could” be the begining of the endings of our differences of views…. but not until everyone is able to comprehend… we are breaking through a barrier. Good luck friends, may we find the answers! find me on face book if you wish to contemplate or share ideas-evidence, stonewallbatton

    • If you are going to chastise someone for not understanding a branch of science, then please make sure your explanations are factual to the current understanding of the field of science being discussed…

  10. Commenting on here just keeps the word “Debunking the mandela effect” on the Google ratings so people take it as a joke or untrue when in fact it is the opposite and we all know it is. As mentioned above we are no longer in the same part of the universe and as such it puzzles me why the mainstream media are not taking it up on the news…. Talking about it makes people “LOOK” so best not hey? If everyone woke up in their beds but across the world to where they went to bed they would freak out so why are they not freaking out with the realisation they woke up on the other side of the galaxy in the Orion section? Oh and the massive land mass of ice and ROCK of the North pole just doesn’t exist any more !!

    • I remember there is a verse in the Bible, Acts 2:21 “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” Now up until recently, this verse was pretty meaningless. I mean of course people knew the name of the Lord ; it was only a question of accepting Jesus as Lord, and it seemed to be too easy. Sort of a “where’s the catch ?”. However, from a ME perspective, things start to look different. We know that the Elite wants to get rid of Christianity and usher a New World Order, where, says David Spangler: “No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation.” (And there are lots of topics to study on this, about as much of as you learn in university). And what if this technology allowing them to change the past will be used to open a two front war with the mind, where the deception doesn’t come just from the future, but also, from the past ? What if some point Jesus’ name will be not just in the realm of illegality, but also in the realm of unknown, being completely erased from the Bible, not as in censored, but as in “never been there”. And Christians will be then confronted by people with printed Bibles, pdf files, all kind of written, physical and/or digital material which mentions someone else’s name instead of Jesus ? What if only a handful of people will even remember the name of the Lord ? That’s when that verse will make sense, and this is probably the purpose of the ME: a rehearsal as it is now, and a fully integrated component of the Age of Awesome Deception. Think at this thing. “Anti” (as in Antichrist) is a word with a greek origin. It doesn’t mean “against”. It means “in place of”. And what if the Elite will modify the past to prove their guy to be the real deal ?

      • I was raised a Christian, but have since moved away from it, but have remained spiritual rather than religious. However, your comment has struck a chord with me. I was surprised how sad and angry I felt when I discovered the changes in the Bible (the Lord’s prayer and the Lion and the lamb) and wracked my brain as to why this could happen. My gut told me it wasn’t for the good that’s for sure! Your theory makes perfect sense to me and I am grateful you shared it!

        • I hope you open your bible to read the whole verse. You’ll find that it still says about a lion and a lamb *and* a wolf. And it was always like that. No lion was removed – it’s there just in the very next sentence.

    • Exactly!!!!
      Just one big coincidence test because as they create a true alt. Universe they want to test and tease us on a few typos to the rest of us suckers who don’t get it!!!

  11. With all this confabulated misrembering from weak little fallible febile human minds I am surprised anyone remembers how to wipe their butt.I am shocked that all the buildings aren’t lopsided from forgetting how to use a tap measure and level.Im surprised any of the helicopters I worked on in the army ever got off the ground after I forgot to lock wire the Jesus nut.Im surprised I ever remembered to inject a patient with contrast before I fluoroscopically viewed their spine or that I remembered the amount of bupivacaine to administer before a procedure.I can’t believe I remembered how to pull back the charging handles on a mach-9 before firing out of the turet of a hum-v bouncing down a tanker trail.I can’t believe I never forgot how to tie in the service panel and main service line after wiring a house.I can’t believe I remembered what a plentum was when I installed an inline humidifier working HVAC.I can’t believe I remember how to fire my 9mm service Beretta during military police training or even how to sign my name during re-enlistment.I can’t believe I remembered to put the parking lot lines down after seal coating or how I ever got incorporated.I can’t understand how I can play harmonica and guitar at the same time or paint and draw or do woodworking.You might convenience some people but not I.
    Some of the changes are grammatically incorrect now and with all this intelligent debunkers Im wondering if their labored and obviously disingenuous comments are anything more than someone doing a job or the Damage 2x computer is running things.
    Gotta love debunkers that don’t even have a basic working knowledge of the double slit experiment or theory.

  12. The term to use, in my view, already exists – Confabulation. Thank you, Wikipedia, who attributes “Mandela Effect” to a paranormal researcher. Out of respect for the real suffering and enormous achievement of Nelson Mandela, I propose confabulation as a much more appropriate and accurate naming.

    • I’ve been meaning to add that. I think the term fits quite nicely; however, it needs a sociology spin. Something like “Mass Confabulation” as it seems to apply many people without connection (in some cases).

  13. I can’t relate to any of h
    the ones I’ve seen and I’ve watched a load of youtube videos. I’m open to the idea of simulation theory but I think the effect reallyt is a xcase of people misrembering things…the only one that kind of gets me is c3po having a siulver lg but then when i relly thinnk backi think he probably did i was just young when it came out

  14. Most of these Mandala Effects are bullcrap and involve very trivial stuff. The obvious explanation is that our brain does not remember ever minute detail that we see, it only retains important stuff that we need. So of course we will miss many minute details on words and logos everyday. Anyone can find minute details that they missed in words or logos. Such people have too much time on their hands.

    The only one I can’t explain is Dolly’s missing braces from the Moonraker movie. I clearly remember her braces too. That one is strange and baffles me too. But 99 percent of these alleged Mandala Effects are dumb and delusional and due to simpler explanations.

    Some are just plain wrong too. For example, Empire Strikes Back has been my favorite movie since the 80’s and I’ve always remembered Vader saying, “No, I am your father” not “Luke, I am your father”. The latter phrase is common among kids who reference that scene. It’s not the exact words of the scene itself. And Froot Loops has always been spelled that way so that they could put cereal pieces as the O’s in the logo. I remember that long ago. When it comes to minute details, memories are easy to mix up or “fill in the blanks”.

    Also, if someone were to go back in time to change something, it would be something important. They wouldn’t go back in time to remove he dash between Kit Kat candy or to add a pig tail to the F in the Ford motor co logo. Come on. They would do something major, like prevent the JFK assassination or try to assassinate Hitler, Stalin or Po Pot. Or try to prevent WW2 or the Holocaust from happening. Or they would try to prevent the death of a loved one. Not changing trivial words in movies like “is” to “was” in the Forrest Gump line “Life is like a box of chocolates”, or changing brand names like Jiffy to Jif peanut butter.

    Now I do believe that there are other dimensions and there are genuine mysteries in the world that can’t be explained. But these trivial Mandela Effects aren’t one of them. Some of these guys have too much time on their hands. Anyone can find minute details that they missed in words or logos. Such people have too much time on their hands.

    • Winston.. your missing the point. Mysterious shadow people aren’t going back in time to change trivial things like the Froot Loops spelling, but rather these are side effects of the changes that have occurred. Most people have some sort of connection to these examples and we are heavily media based in this time period so it’s easier to use these examples to open one’s eyes to whatever the bigger picture is. I agree some examples are a waste of time.. but just like you cannot figure out Moonraker, there are quite a few I cannot let go of. Yea it may just be a mass false memory syndrome or cognitive dissonance or confabulation, etc., I am open to accept that.. but I have too many examples of things that has happened in my personal life that gives weight to ME..

    • So what you’re trying to tell me is that my photographic memory mistook every Berenstein Bears book I have ever read for another Similar yet very different name?
      I call bs. Now I don’t know about this Mandela Effect as I just came across it as I was researching some other inconsistencies however I do know what is and is not and to have some ignoramus like you puke forth your drivel like you actually “know” something is extremely insulting to those of us that actually do.
      Thanks bye bye now

  15. Can you do a blog post on the missing braces of Dolly in the movie Moonraker? That one I can’t explain and neither can anyone else. The whole world remembers her braces, yet they aren’t there.

  16. I know too well everone remembers in Snow White that it’s “Mirror Mirror on the wall,” but it’s actually “Magic Mirror on the wall.” And one you CANNOT deny is from Star Wars. “Luke, I am your father,” right? WRONG. It’s actually “No, I am your father.” So DON’T tell ME that the Mandela Effect DOES NOT EXIST.

  17. The Star Wars thing messed me up. And then I saw the Forrest Gump thing. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies and I KNOW that is not what he said.
    Also I grew up on Disney and know for a fact that she said “Mirror Mirror on the wall” I put on a school production where my sister played the Evil Queen and I helped her practice her lines

  18. I love talking about this topic and it really interests me, but when I found out that it isn’t “Looney toons” and that it is really “Looney tunes” it really messed with my childhood.

  19. And he gives one possible explanation of this effect, and it must be the true one or otherwise his worldview is taken away from him. Keep an open mind, and don’t assume these people must be mis remembering.

  20. The “mirror, mirror on the wall” one is very strange to me cause in my native language the translation is “mirror mirror” not “magic mirror”
    Also the monopoly guy having no monocle fucked me up.
    But all the rest seem like excuses for people who don’t remember how a word is spelled or just misremembered logos or even just depended on their brain’s perception of a logo/word and never questioned it until they realized it was wrong.

  21. But lets talk about mona lisa, We know damn well she was not smiling in that fucking picture. LOOK IT UP RIGHT NOW! SHE’S SMILING AND I’M TERRIFIED.

  22. Interesting. I thought that “Mirror mirror on the wall” was common knowledge. I also remember Henry VIII with a turkey (or some other animal) leg in his hand, and a music album, I remember its cover clearly, it had a skull on the cover, but now it’s very different. Maybe the human brain is wired to invent the same thing in a large number of people?

  23. Rename The Mandela affect – “CONFABULATION” ?????????? LMAO!
    Well that’s A ME in itself; because I clearly remember “Confabulation” as being DEFINITIVELY: To converse, Talk, or an informal conversation. Ya know like having a little colloquy. So WHY? Why any Dickhead would not only propose changing The Mandela Effect (colloquial) in [name] is Foolishly ridiculous to began with. An changing it to “Confabulation” is jus Phucking Retarded! Im disturbed that people agree (THEY CLEARLY ARNT FAMILIAR WITH THE WORD, so like sheep’s going to the slaughter- they accept). Clearly confabulation ALREADY HAS MULTIPLE DEFINITIONS,,, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why tack another one beneath its belt ??

    ALSO, When I found out about ME.
    I said “Phucking Finally there’s A name for it”. An when I found out [why]],,, I WAS SHOCKED! Because I remember Nelson Mandela being dead decades ago! Not that I ever thought he was necessarily assassinated in prison or whatever.. But I would of bet the house he had died when I was in Grade/Middle school.. Thus when I read he lived until 2013 I was All Bugged out. In conclusion Thank the Gods its called “the Mandela affect” NOT A synonym for A colloquial riddled conversation.

  24. I remember it being Looney Tunes, I remember vader saying no I am your father. The other quote is more pop culture bs. I have to agree with Winston. These are trivial changes that human brain could easily forget. Most of the preconceived ideas stem from pop culture, and we take that for reality, when its not. I think this is mumbo jumbo.

    • You should take the quiz on Youtube then which has around 30 pick A or B options. You know there are 1000’s if not 10,000’s examples of the ME. There are 5 examples that I know are not right. ..

  25. There’s a pretty comprehensive book on the Mandela Effect called Alternate ( There are some very down to earth theories as well as some more “out there” theories. Highly recommended for anyone looking to explore the possible explanations and why it could be happening.

  26. There are patterns. The T’s and S’s are being dropped from words and names. Plus, many people have different levels of experience. Some 20%, some more, some all of the effects are true. What does that mean? Most likely we’re all flipping in and out of alternate dimensions at different times. If you know say 3 of these effects are absolutely true and the others aren’t… That means they’re all true but not everyone is experiencing them do to the actual time you flipped.

  27. Berenstain cannot be correct. :^)
    1. The name looks German, and German always has “stein.” Frankenstein is a case in point.
    2. “Stain” has negative connotations. The publishers certainly would have taken its affect on sales into account and not allowed it to be used on the cover. An innocent child’s book couldn’t have be written by someone with a “stain” in their name.
    3. I don’t think this has much to do on how it is pronounced, because my hearing was bad enough by the time I read my first one (In high school) that I didn’t hear the name.

    • you’re an idiot, such an idiot you’re gonna delete your comment because you look dumb as shit, first of all nobody said the books were written by someone with a ‘stain’ in their name they were about a family of bears with a ‘stain’ in the name
      and who the fuck is reading Berenstain Bears in high school …..really fucking funny, high school!

  28. I found the site cuz I was looking for a different link, but I’m getting a little exhausted of watching these people debunk the Mandela effect when it’s right in your face for those of us who see it clearly, and it is not trivial things when you’re changing the human being like the anatomy. And some people have coined the term native not native. You don’t have to believe in anything your logical mind doesn’t want you to believe sir, but stop getting in the way of us who are feeling so threatened by being captured in the universe we should not have been existing in or have had our universe altered when we’re trying to find our way back to our safe home. There are many things I live through personally that I would not care to explain to you because why would I Tire myself out in talking to someone this skeptical who cannot even understand those of us who are freaked out about what something is happening to effect our very core of reality, if this is your universe and you’re perfectly comfortable with it so be it but please move out of the way and allow the rest of us to join hands and help each other, because I’m starting to feel like people like you are part of this conspiracy. I don’t even understand why you care to talk about the subject since you can’t see it.

    • It is actually you who is part of a conspiracy, a conspiracy of ego maniacs who cannot admit to the fallibility of their own memories.
      If you are experiencing ‘so called’ effects other than mis-remembered movies lines or song lyrics, then I suggest you seek medical assistance. Speaking of which, alot of you Mandela Effect nutters have mentioned the changes to the shape of the human skeleton and human anatomy and yet none of you have claimed that your own body shape has altered or is different to that of the people around you. If you lot did have completely different structures then both the skeptics and the ‘true believers’ would clearly be able to see this, and yet this is not the case, ergo, it HAS NOT HAPPENED. Fools.

  29. i remember berenstein bears very clearly because the spelling bothered me so much lol. my wife remembers it as well because it bothered her. EVERYONE i know doesn’t believe me atm that it’s spelled berenstain bears.

  30. I’m Polish. And I remember “Looney Tunes” from my childhood (1980s) which you claim to be the modified version. It was still “Tunes” back then!

    What I believe you’re doing is that (once I’ve learned English language in my life) you “expect” the word to be “Toons” because it’s short for “Cartoons”. And it sounds familiar. So you have confabulated original “Looney Tunes” to be “Toons”. This is commonly happening.

    Please also note that all of the Mandela effects always sound familiar to the original texts and never put something in there that is completely out of place – e.g. “Hooney Worm” instead of “Looney Tunes”. Pretty much in the same way people write “their” instead or “they’re” or “there” in any possible combination. They think about the meaning but unconsciously use incorrect word to describe it. Same with “Toons” (short for “Cartoons”) instead of “Tunes”.

  31. Has anyone ran across anything about a man that “traveled” time, John Titor? He went back in time from 2036 to 1975 to get an IBM 5100 Portable Computer. Went back forward in time from 1975 and stopped in late 2000. I always thought that the whole story was a line of bullshit, but the possibility of a butterfly effect could explain what we are experiencing. There is the possibility that him taking the computer from then, or just the simple act of existing in the wrong time line, and screwed up something then. Maybe the computer was intended for something that never happened, that should have. Or if they built another in that time, maybe the parts they used to build that machine were supposed to be used for something else.
    Strange part is trying to figure out why we are aware of the changes. From all time related theories, the traveler would be the only one that would be aware of the changes made. But then again, we are only theorizing, we don’t have answers. The part we all need to look into is when we noticed the first change. When did you encounter something you remember as happening one way, and looked it up and found out that you were “incorrect”. I have over the past few years have been under the impression of a movie being released on one year, only to find out it was a different year.
    The ME’s I can attest to are: Volkswagen logo is different, Queen in Snow white said “Mirror, Mirror”, Volvo logo didn’t have an arrow, It’s Oscar Meyer as I can sing the song still, Sinbad was a Genie in a Movie and it came out less than a year from the Shaq Movie, Australia was further south, there was a landmass to the west of Australia, Madagascar was smaller and further south, Italy is “The boot”, Alaska was a lot smaller and California was the largest, N Korea never touched Russia, There was no Mongolia, Sri Lanka was due south, Mr. Rogers sang “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”, Interview with a Vampire, Looney Toons, Sex in the City, Fidel Castro died back in 2011(or somewhere close to that), Eli Whitney was black and created the cotton gin, Hitler had Brown Eyes, and it’s Dilemna.

  32. My husband and I both remember the actor Louie Anderson dying about 10 years ago!!! He isn’t dead, but, after asking around we discovered that we aren’t the only ones who have vivid clear memories of this event!!! It’s SO weird!!

    • Is it possible you got him mixed up with another comedian? There have been several fat funny actors that have died in recent years. Chris Farley comes to mind.

  33. The term I am familiar with is “resolving ambiguities,” which means everyone’s brain tries to find a meaning that makes sense to them, especially when confronted with a unfamiliar/unknown situation.

  34. Hold on here guys, there is a really simple explanation for all this, I can’t believe that people can’t see it.

    Btw, i really liked the idea everyone had around quantum computing but feel as if people are putting 2 and 2 together and making 2. Which is ultimately letting their minds run away with themselves.

    From my viewpoint, and I have read lots of articles and watched hundreds of videos on this, and from an objective position this is what I can see…

    People are taking their popular culture references from a secondary source of information, which just so happens to be wrong.

    When that secondary source is rerun on tv, more times than the primary source, that tends to be the one that sticks in your mind. Like with the Simpsons or family guy. And because of the way the mind works it has compartmentalised both if not more similar references, so when you attempt to recall the memory you get back a mixed memory. Because your memory of something is not actually A true account, it is your representation of that event or situation.

    The reason why there are big groups of people remembering the same thing (how popular is the simpsons?) it’s very easy to account for.

    If you do a little research on the ME, you will find that all excluding a couple, have been covered by the simpsons, and because of copyright the simpsons would have had to change the quote or situation slightly. So this is your answer.

    The field of dreams “build it and they he come” is correct as it refers to his father, as in build the baseball stadium and HE (his deceased father) will come. It was also parodied by Wayne’s world another popular film in which millions will have seen. In Wayne’s world it is referring building a festival, in which the Jim Morrison says “build it and they will come” because it follows the same scenario as field of dreams and the pop culture reference has been reinforced more times than the original

    I have seen nothing in all this proof, that can’t be explained by incorrect popular culture references. Which probably goes to say how easily suggestible we are as humans.

    As much as you believe you have free will, it’s an illusion, as you are a reaction off everything that happens to and around you. Why do you think so much money is spent on advertising if you really believe it doesn’t work?

    But WTFDIK?

    I do like watching these people that truly believe the ME is 100% real. And is happening to them, it’s killed a few hours of boredom.

  35. Ok, how do you spell the verb of waist. Like I never spell wasting. Im not saying was-ting. I always remembered waisting. All the time. So do my friends, my family, my teachers. But no, its wasting. Im either dumb or mandela effect

    • “Waist” is a noun, referring to your midsection.
      “Waste” is a noun or a verb depending on context. It’s a common misspelling issue, so, yes, you might just be dumb and wasting our time.

  36. Try debunking Sally fields oscar speech. If u believe it as digitally edited you would also have to believe the oscars site is on the gag. Old world globe below. And IMDb link acknowledging the fact that it it affected by the Mandela effect. At YouTube by searching Mandela effect proof old globe Sally fields.

  37. Can people actually mis-remember the past? In other words, is human memory photographic or is it possible to have faulty memories of certain events or images of the past? Is the brain a perfect memory organ or do some memories fade and become unreliable over time? If the answer to these questions is yes that some memories can fade or become confused in the brain, then how can we know that a questionable memory is due to the Mandela Effect or just an aging brain?

  38. I don’t care what this effect is called I have had instances of it effecting me since I was a very young child. I always thought it was my memory or chalked ut up to misreading things or adding things or products just changing their names to shorter versions or names that fit in with current pop culture! I recently actually just learned about the Mandela effect recently from none other than my 11 year old daughter and then my Significant other. I have been experiencing this effect way before there was a name for it. One very significant change for me was the bible itself, mind you I have chalked it up all these years to there just being different versions of the bible written and that is why the opening lines of the Bible changed, now I’m not so sure since I cannot find for the life of me any version of what I recall. As written in genesis: “In the beginning the God’s created the Heavens and the Earths.” Plural not singular I read that bible many times I remeber it like it was yesterday reading that and even remeber leaving of God’s and Heavens. Of course, it is all singular now and I have NEVER been able to find that version of the Bible. I just thought perhaps, because the teaching of the Bible went to a singular God that all the new versions teach of one God and that bible was taken out of publication. I don’t believe that now as I cannot find it anywhere. This is only one big instance I can recall as a child that I have yet seen any other person mention.

  39. I also will mention, Jiffy, yes, Jiffy I also recall a commercial that had a product called Jiffy Pops. I also recall clear as day, “hello Clarice”, from Silence of the Lambs. Looney Toons, which Looney Toons was one I thought was changed to fit into current pop culture. I remember Sinbad in that Genie movie that no longer exists. I remember Berenstein Bears, and didn’t belive my daughter when she told me it is Berenstain and in fact Google it! Sex in the City! Interview with a Vampire which I watched many times. “Luke I am your father,” I watched that movie a million times in the 80′,and 90’s. MIRROR MIRROR on the wall! These are just the most talked about ones, there are even more recent bigger things I recall as being different than they are now, I’m talking within months. I always have just thought I remembered things wrong, but, really? These many people remembering things wrong? Really?

  40. Also one more thing on that Jiffy pop I recall it was a kids popsicle maker not to be confused with the current Jiffy pop popcorn. If that even exists anymore. I even remember the commercial had two little girls in it, I remember it plain as day. HITLER had brown eyes I did an in depth report on him back in 2002 in College about how he murdered so many people, and how it was ironic the very people he murdered looked like him. He did NOT have blue eyes! The JFK car had front seats and one back seat just as recent as a year ago. I was in a Forensic Science class and we reviewed the photographs just a year ago. This just changed.

  41. I moved in with my father “during” my sixth grade year. I graduated high school in May of 1994. (93-94=12th…92-93=11th…91-92=10th…90-91=9th…89-90=8th…88-89=7th…87-88=6th grade. I started 6th grade in one town in August of 1988, moved to a new town to live with my dad “during” that 1987 to 1988 school year. I specifically remember sitting in my 6th grade class when the principal came on the intercom and announced that class would suspend temporarily so we could all tune in to watch the Challenger Shuttle lift off. It was a big deal because of the teacher on board. THIS HAPPENED DURING MY 6TH GRADE YEAR…1987 to 1988????. I know this because January of 1986 I was in a different town at a different school that didn’t have TV’s in the class rooms. I vividly remember thinking “if I were at my old school I would be missing this”…then BOOM…and my teacher rushed to turn off the TV. MINDBLOWN????

  42. Sorry but there is nothing to this. Though I remember Jiffy and Mona Lisa’s ‘smile’ and all the others you mention… It isn’t some alien experiment or something. It is called “collective memory” (“la mémoire collective” in French). We think we remember a thing a certain way because it seems logical but that is not the way it was.

    If you look at the Mona Lisa at different angles, she has no smirk while in others she does. There is the expression, “in a Jiffy”. The Berenstain Bears, of course most people think it should be “stein” as in Frankenstein (but that is the doctor’s name not the monster).

    People just associate things with how they think they should be, not the way they really are. Ask 25 people who are around 50 years old about Margret Thatcher… you’ll get several opinions, based on their own perception of reality.

    The same goes for mis-remembering quotes from famous movies, such as: “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” the actual line is “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Because “we’re” makes better sense than “you’re”.

    I have gone through dozens of old images, some more 100 years old of the Mona Lisa, all have her with that sad half smile half smirk, depending on the angle. Same goes for Jif, it might be as old, but look at images from the 70’s. You mean to tell me that we all saw something a certain way and now it was in reality not that way? Nonsense. We remembered it they way we ‘thought’ it was.

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