Snow White, Magic Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Actually: It’s both “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” AND “Magic mirror, on the wall..”

In the 1937 Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Evil Queen utters the famous line “Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”.

It has not been changed or edited since its original release. There is no credible evidence to support that it has. The mirror’s persona in the Disney adaption is named, “Slave in the Magic Mirror”, hence why the Evil Queen refers to it as the “magic mirror”.

That being said, like many Mandela Effects, this common misconception and misquoted line has perpetuated itself deep within our culture. There’s even a movie 2012 entitled “Mirror Mirror” staring Julia Roberts. How can this be? Well, before we dive into the possible explanations, you can save yourself the trouble and understand that in the original Brothers Grimm story (translated into English), it is indeed:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

Hundreds of sources of “Mirror, mirror” exist in our culture today because of the original story/translation. Disney simply made their own version of it. They took creative liberty on a lot of things in the movie, least of which involves the dialog. The original story is very short and Disney heavily expanded on everything. The “Magic Mirror” itself is also referred to as “Slave in the Magic Mirror” or “Spirit of the Magic Mirror” in their version of the lore/story.

My Experience

I, like many others also believed “mirror, mirror” to be correct. It’s the version of the phrase that I always said when referencing it. This Mandela Effect is unique in a way because in this case, it’s actually correct or incorrect, depending on the context. Both “magic mirror” and “mirror, mirror” are correct depending on the source.

My first introduction to this being related to the Mandela Effect was through the Subreddit in this post titled “Mirror, mirror on the wall …“.

Possible Explanations

As mentioned above, this one is pretty shut and close; unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from continuing to insist that the Disney movie was also “mirror, mirror”. It’s just not the case. It’s verifiable, it’s proven, it’s FACT. Memory is none of those three things.

So, in closing, the most logical explanation is the following:

The original story contains “mirror, mirror”, which hundreds of other sources draw from, where as, the Disney movie uses their own spin on it with “magic mirror”. Even if your only notable exposure to this line is the Disney film, the overwhelming amount of other examples, sources and pervasiveness within our culture all point to “mirror, mirror”.

It leads me to believe that this Mandela Effect is simply a combination of several different factors including (but not limited to): misinformation effect, confirmation bias, misattribution of memory and simply, misconception. It could almost match every general common explanation for Mandela Effects.

The age and sound quality of the Disney film is also questionable; if you were told it was “mirror, mirror” before watching the Queen’s mirror scene, you could almost hear it as “mirror, mirror” instead of “magic mirror”. It’s quite hard to make out, even on the best quality versions of the movie.

Additional References

Many have been quick to cite several other Disney-branded effects with “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” mentioned. There have also been some spotted with the Disney known, “Magic mirror”. Not limited to, but including the following:

Disney licensed Burger King cup with "Mirror, mirror" circa 1993.
Disney licensed Burger King cup with “Mirror, mirror” circa 1993.
1973 Disney book showing "Mirror, mirror".
1973 Disney book showing “Mirror, mirror”.
1948 Disney book showing "Magic mirror".
1948 Disney book showing “Magic mirror”.

Unfortunately these objects muddy the waters even further, but leads to some possible correlations to Disney staff throughout the years since the original film. Why is it significant that the 1948 book (citing the original 1937 date) has the film’s version of the text in it? Because it’s possible some of the original writing staff helped to produce some of the early merchandise for the movie. They would know the source the best.

Note how the 1973 book shows the text like:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of us all?

This is exactly how it was formatted in the original Brothers Grimm story (although text is slightly different from that source). It’s possible they used the original as a source, rather than the movie. This is possible, because, in the movie, it is also:

Magic mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest one of all?

They got both lines wrong!

Unfortunately again, this is all speculation as no information has been ever released been on why Disney made the original text change, or who worked on any of these products shown.

Basically, it’s proof of nothing except for different people, either making mistakes, or intentional changes. Nothing can be assumed.

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  1. The mirrors actual Disney character name is “Slave to the Magic Mirror” so when the queen wants to call him she has to say Magic Mirror on the wall. If you want further proof listen to the Fantasmic soundtrack. I worked at Disneyland on Fantasmic and heard it every night for ten years.

      • You clearly don’t understand the Mandela effect. ..not effected and can’t. ..debunk…why bother? Do something useful with your time. . And leave us alone

        • Can you explain how I don’t understand the Mandela Effect? I am affected (If you have read the website). Leave you alone? This is my website… Wat.

        • Amen girl, I have no idea why this person tried to debunk something,that some of us CLEARLY know different!
          And also,why would all the remakes,and spoofs say mirror mirror??..

    • I have a Disney book right in front of me it’s called “Walt Disney’s Classic Movie Treasury” *10 favorite stories* A Golden Book
      Published by western publishing co inc. 1991, 1971
      On page 16. It says “Mirror, mirror on the wall,
      Who is the fairest one of all?”

    • Also I would like to note a book called “Sophie’s World – A novel About the HIstory of Philosophy” on pg. 143 it says “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”
      Published in Norwegian in 1991. Translated in english in 1994.

      It’s interesting that even in this old book they recall it as “Mirror mirror” instead of “Magic mirror”

  2. That’s the thing. I remember the cartoon movie saying mirror, mirror. I never read the book. Why would I remember it saying Mirror mirror?

    • Because you may have heard it that way from parents, teachers, other children, or reading it somewhere. It’s unlikely you remember every single thing that you saw or heard throughout your childhood.

  3. It was always mirror mirror on the wall period. Something has happened. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but me and numerous friends agree. Idk what happened or the explanation for it but it’s mirror mirror not magic mirror and nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. I’m starting to believe the Mandela effect is a real thing. And possibly there are multiple realitys or universes but don’t understand how we could travel between them and doesn’t make sense to me at all. It sounds stupid honestly but what else could explain some of these things. Some people have theories that the world did end in 2012 or our old reality at least and we somehow traveled to this similar but slightly different one. Which does hold some merit to me. Because there sure have been some strange differences to me since then. Oscer meyer/ vs mayor fruit loops vs front loops , jc penny vs jc Penney, jiffy peanut butter is jif ,kit Kat has no dash, dark Vader never says luke i am your father , and hanbal lecter necer says hello calarice weird shit…and i mean Trump became president, all these slight changes in names and movies. Many it was cern idk. I know some people think I’m stupid or crazy but I’m not I’m just open minded and can’t say something isn’t right nor normal and am looking for the explanation.

  4. If alot of people and I mean alot of guys who wear not all that in to snowwhite from16 to 67 years old and did not read the book or for that matter even know of any other versions all remember it the same way.what doea this has to be an example of aome kind of phenomenon.

    • Go to youtube u simple fk and look it up there is 2 two versions and one of which says mirror mirror now that is debunking the mandella effect….boom drops the mic

  5. The FACT that you state, “It’s verifiable, it’s proven, it’s FACT.” indicates that you don’t truly comprehend the Mandela Effect.

    • ‘You must be either stupid or a gover(n)ment agent.’ I want so desperately to believe in something that I’ll even throw a ludicrous accusation about a shadowy, government conspiracy.

  6. In the movie Shrek they say “mirror mirror on the Wall” if the original movie said “magic mirror on the wall” why would they say “mirror mirror on the wall”.

  7. I remember it as a kid and so do my children as mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all, I have also checked with my friends and they say the same thing as me

  8. I remember magic mirror and I remember life was like a box of chocolates but the life is like a box of chocolates (said by sally field not tom hanks)becoming more popular over time and i remember thinking in the ealy 2000s how annoying it was everyone who was a fan of sex and the city calling it sex in the city bc i disliked the show and fans disnt even call it the correct title. I DO believe in science and the chance of alternate times and quantum time and maybe even time travelers but I think mandela effect isn’t proof of it…

  9. – at 2:00 mark the ‘Evil Queen’ Regina Mills talks to the mirror calling it ‘mirror mirror on the wall’

    Once Upon a Time is owned by ABC which is under the Disney ABC Television Group, so its kinda classified as Disney – but more modern and if they were real people?

  10. “Its fact its proven…” Yet he does not prove anything does not even provide a screenshot of a script or a statement from a 90plus years old editor he just says it ‘fact’ in bold letters – and affirmatively states embellished american history like we are 6th graders learning about manifest destiny and friendly pilgrims lmfao…

  11. Its mirror mirror period fact proven. Americans change wrote alot of “facts” that were later revealed to be for a profitable purpose. Nothing new, this guys is just a slave who believes in magic..and i hope you do youll always have a friend wearing big orange shoes.

  12. Guys, I have the answer to all your questions and the FINAL SOLUTION for this:
    The famous Brothers Grimm’s books in original are all written in German language. In the official first book it’s till today written “Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand, wer ist die schönste im ganzen Land?” which translates directly (without rhyming) into “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest in the whole country?”.
    That’s what I always heard since I was a kid and it still says that in the German version of ALL Snow White (“Schneewittchen”) storys, books, movies, comics etc.!!! Yes, even the Walt Disney version!
    I’m surprised that so far not a single German person ever mentioned that!?
    So your English translation has a lot of mistakes and what shocked me most was that she says “fairest” instead of pretty! The whole story is about beauty and prettiness. It makes zero sense to me why they talking about fairness in the English version?? °-°

    Everything clear so far, or does somebody have open questions?

    Check here the Wikipedia page with all references (German):
    (If you change to English language, it makes a strange translation)

  13. Your translation thing really doesn’t have anything to do with how it changed!
    It would have to do with the original Disney version,and most of us remember,and have seen remakes,spoofs,whatever else you want to add to that, and they all say mirror mirror.
    Sorry you all that are trying to debunk it..FAIL

  14. This is an old thread but felt like updating here.
    I can tell you this. Space shuttle challenger exploded on Jan 28 or 26 of 1986. Problem this is not a case of a simple word changing.
    This is reality changing.
    I know exactly where I was when watching the explosion. I know what teachers class I was in what grade I was in what class room I was sitting in and who was with me.

    Problem is if it actually exploded in 1986 like history shows right now reality has changed for me because I was in a totally different school when 1986 came around. My memory has it exactly in 1984 and my wife has the same problem. If it were in 1986 she too would have been in an entirely different school.

    I just read a mans report as well online. He remembers exactly watching it all day and all night in TV with his wife at that time. Problem is he was legally divorced from that very same wife in 1985 and in 1986 was not working. He remembers seeing it live at work and coming home to his wife to see it on tv all night long.

    Sorry hate to burst your bubble here but they whoever they are have gone back and changed our timelines.

    Some people don’t have these issues but many of us know for a fact this is real.

    • I’m not sure about you guys, but I’ve always known it as ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ not because of the 1937 Snow White (because I’ve never seen it), but because of Shrek. In that movie Lord Farquad says ‘mirror mirror on the wall, is this not the most perfect kingdom of them all?’ In my opinion this is why people have been getting confused over this.

  15. If you don’t believe the Mandela effect is real, you’ve been in this reality all along so you don’t see anything wrong. That’s the whole point: some of us (probably half) come from a different past and the rest might find us eccentric so they dismiss anything we say.

    • Hi all. First, the mandela effect is real. In fact it’s realer than reality, because it had made this reality (This original timeline + all your differential patches, btw, I know what I’m talking ’bout; I’m A programmer, IYKWIM) but Yeah, this whole thing suffers from the “private club syndrome” I mean, Your belief is against mine, well prove it. *presents proof. Well haha, that means you’re from this timeline and you don’t understand.
      Am I the only one here drawing a (theoretical) line between this behaviour and the typical adolescent behaviour of (you don’t understand)? We, growing up, never really remember what makes us think that(or maybe it is because we lost our conscious memory,but not our real memory when we were switched from the baby tank to the adult tank) but that whole ME sounds to me like just another way to avoid your own flaws. Oh also, that whole speech I just wrote down, this is not how I remember how it was in my timeline. Because, feelings. And also, the bible is different. Slash ess. Love ya vaughn

  16. Not an argument, but that line was a very significant part of the movie. It might be the most significant line in the movie that’s why it’s very iconic. I still remember the feeling attached to it, watching it as a kid. Now that it says Magic Mirror, it’s not as significant anymore. And the complete line was, Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all. Now, apparently, it says, Magic mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest one of all. Not an argument. Just an experience from someone who watched every Disney film at least 30 times as a kid. We only had VHS so we had no other options. So we kept rewatching the same movies over and over again.

  17. I think what’s funny is this whole thing is dragged up every few decades. I had a early issue of the Star Wars Insider. It jokingly talks about ‘famous misremembered lines’ when it talks about “Luke, I am your father” and tries to argue that it was now the most famous misremembered line in history. (also with ‘I bet you didn’t know!’ factoids like, ‘kids who only grew up on VHS may not know that one of 3P0’s legs is actually silver!’)
    Others listed were, “Mirror Mirror” and, yes, talked about the media that uses the Fairy-Tale phrase. (I have 5 or 6 various Snow White films, all but the Disney one go ‘Mirror, Mirror’) as well as ‘Play it again, Sam.’ Seriously, dig through old magazines with anecdotal things in them. People drag up this stuff and that article even dragged up articles from the 60s and 70s about ‘famous lines no one ever spoke.’

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