Snow White, Magic Mirror

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Actually: It’s both “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…” AND “Magic mirror, on the wall..”

In the 1937 Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the Evil Queen utters the famous line “Magic mirror, on the wall – who is the fairest one of all?”.

It has not changed. There is no credible evidence to support that it has.

That being said, like many Mandela Effects, this common misconception and misquoted line has perpetuated itself deep within our culture. There’s even a movie 2012 entitled “Mirror Mirror” staring Julia Roberts. How can this be? Well, before we dive into the possible explanations, you can save yourself the trouble and understand that in the original Brothers Grimm story (translated into English), it is indeed:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?

Hundreds of sources of “Mirror, mirror” exist in our culture today because of the original story/translation. Disney simply made their own version of it. They took creative liberty on a lot of things in the movie, least of which involves the dialog. The original story is very short and Disney heavily expanded on everything.

My Experience

I, like many others also believed “mirror, mirror” to be correct. It’s the version of the phrase that I always said when referencing it. This Mandela Effect is unique in a way because in this case, it’s actually correct or incorrect, depending on the context. Both “magic mirror” and “mirror, mirror” are correct depending on the source.

My first introduction to this being related to the Mandela Effect was through the Subreddit in this post titled “Mirror, mirror on the wall …“.

Possible Explanations

As mentioned above, this one is pretty shut and close; unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from continuing to insist that the Disney movie was also “mirror, mirror”. It’s just not the case. It’s verifiable, it’s proven, it’s FACT. Memory is none of those three things.

So, in closing, the most logical explanation is the following:

The original story contains “mirror, mirror”, which hundreds of other sources draw from, where as, the Disney movie uses their own spin on it with “magic mirror”. Even if your only notable exposure to this line is the Disney film, the overwhelming amount of other examples, sources and pervasiveness within our culture all point to “mirror, mirror”.

It leads me to believe that this Mandela Effect is simply a combination of several different factors including (but not limited to): misinformation effect, confirmation bias, misattribution of memory and simply, misconception. It could almost match every general common explanation for Mandela Effects.

The age and sound quality of the Disney film is also questionable; if you were told it was “mirror, mirror” before watching the Queen’s mirror scene, you could almost hear it as “mirror, mirror” instead of “magic mirror”. It’s quite hard to make out, even on the best quality versions of the movie.

Additional References

Many have been quick to cite several other Disney-branded effects with “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” mentioned. There have also been some spotted with the Disney known, “Magic mirror”. Not limited to, but including the following:

Disney licensed Burger King cup with "Mirror, mirror" circa 1993.
Disney licensed Burger King cup with “Mirror, mirror” circa 1993.
1973 Disney book showing "Mirror, mirror".
1973 Disney book showing “Mirror, mirror”.
1948 Disney book showing "Magic mirror".
1948 Disney book showing “Magic mirror”.

Unfortunately these objects muddy the waters even further, but leads to some possible correlations to Disney staff throughout the years since the original film. Why is it significant that the 1948 book (citing the original 1937 date) has the film’s version of the text in it? Because it’s possible some of the original writing staff helped to produce some of the early merchandise for the movie. They would know the source the best.

Note how the 1973 book shows the text like:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of us all?

This is exactly how it was formatted in the original Brothers Grimm story (although text is slightly different from that source). It’s possible they used the original as a source, rather than the movie. This is possible, because, in the movie, it is also:

Magic mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest one of all?

They got both lines wrong!

Unfortunately again, this is all speculation as no information has been ever released been on why Disney made the original text change, or who worked on any of these products shown.

Basically, it’s proof of nothing except for different people, either making mistakes, or intentional changes. Nothing can be assumed.

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51 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

  1. in the case of advertisment logos change now i have always said; cocacola has and should remain the same-i used to say that about the k-mart logo even before the change-but they had to become more modern-there is something about the classical renditions that have a comfortable feeling.

  2. in the case of advertisment logos change now i have always said; cocacola has and should remain the same-i used to say that about the k-mart logo even before the change-but they had to become more modern-there is something about the classical renditions that have a comfortable feeling—this effect is attention grabbing-but the research is not adequate enough to be convincing.

  3. Oki, i am pretty freaked out about one specific topic and that is ”interview with A vampire”, in France it has been translated ”entretien avec UN vampire” , in Romania ”interviu cu UN vampir”, i lived in both countries and always, beeing a fan of the movie, i have paid attention to the subject matter .So i have always knew as a solid fact that the movie was called” Interview with A vampire ” i was able to bet my b…s on it… Now i don’t know anymore….

    • Same! I remember reading an ebook preview of the book “interview with A vampire”, I thought the first pages sounded so narcissistic and didn’t buy the full version. Had the file with this title on my desktop for months and kept seeing it. my best friend was a huge fan and that’s also how she said it.

  4. wrap your brain around this, in an alternate timeline it didn’t say magic mirror or change in 1937, it was always mirror mirror, and wrap your brain around this: the same VHS tapes we’ve owned for decades said mirror mirror now say magic mirror. if history was changed then the 1937 change will also be in this timelilne whereas it may not have been before. you haven’t debunked anything here. moving along.

  5. Something that I can’t find an explanation for however is the translation in the Italian version: I’m Italian and in the movie the queen clearly says “Specchio, specchio delle mie brame” (“Mirror, mirror on the wall”). It could have been “Magico specchio delle mie brame” (“Magic mirror on the wall”) without any issue in the translation.

    • Have you watched many movies translated? No movie is ever translated from one language to another “word for word”. Literal translations are impossible. Whoever wrote the Italian translation had probably read the original Grimm’s tale and “fixed” the Disney version.

      • I’m sorry but you’re totally disrespectful towards not only a team of professionals but a hole country ( I’m sure that most italians speak english fluently or at least understand it). Nobody would make and sell a video tape that is wrongfully translated. Just for a fact, the same thing happens in romanian and hungarian translations, so it’s not just that italian translator that “fixed” this phrase. Another thing is that you just assume we all read the book AND watched the movie, but in reality, a lot of people ONLY saw the movie (like me, for example) . so where did the “mirror,mirror” came from? As a side note there is another movie called Mirror,mirror released in 2012 that has the same phrase we all remember in it . If the disney version (that actually made the phrase so popular) was “magic mirror” why didn’t they name the movie “magic mirror” also? you would think it would be a great advertisement for the now adults that heard “magic mirror” as a child ?

  6. What about the Star Wars thing? What about the Berenstein Bears? I think we’ve got ourselves some shmuck fucking with tine

    • I hear you milk. Although I don’t know those movie changes
      Can you enlighten me. Yes there
      Is a deliberate changing of history.

  7. It was for “fact” Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all, for fact based on my great memory ive always had. your “fact” has been changed. I watched the movie and didnt read the book so i did not confuse anything. It was also sex IN the city i didnt watch the show but when it was airing it had the logo on the bottom right saying sex in the city and my photographic memory of TVGuide had it as Sex IN the city. your “facts” are changed bro, i trust a great memory over that anyday. For fact Interview With A Vampire one of my favorite movies, it is not Interview with THE Vampire. put your “facts” away OP. you havent debunked one thing here.

    • Who can argue with logic like that? Hold on, I’ll shut the site down. Besides the numerous logical fallacies committed here, you are suffering from a huge case of cognitive dissonance.

      • My magic memory recalls when the word “looz” was spelled lose, not loose, as it commonly is spelled almost everywhere today. Are all those people writing “loose” really wrong – are they “loosers”? No, they are losers. Loose as a goose, people. Get it right, or 30 years from now we will be having this discussion again.

      • So many people suffering from a “huge cognitive dissonance”. Maybe is a pandemic, right? So many people who got wrong quotes from the movies their entire lives! Fortunately there are still people like you who has a sound mind. Such a good researcher as well. Your arguments simply explain everything related to that issue! Thanks!

  8. Vaughn, I am so happy I stumbled across this website. I was honestly on the verge of slamming my head on the table – I just couldn’t deal with the abject stupidity, and complete lack of logical coherence, of the people who actually believe in this Mandela Effect rubbish. Thanks for making this website!

  9. Vaughn how old are you????? Bcz I AM SORRY BUT YOU ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT!!!!! YOU ARE SO WRONG MY DEAR!!!!!
    I grew up in Brazil and my sister, my cousins, my mom, my aunties, my friends, my neighbors and EVERYONE I grew up with KNOW FOR A FACT that the original 1937 witch classic movie quote was “MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL = ESPELHO ESPELHO MEU” and now for the SHOCK of all of us it has been indeed changed to “MAGIC MIRROR ON THE WALL = ESPELHO MAGICO”……. PLEASE SAVE YOUR BS…… THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS MY FRIEND !!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The problem here is many of us remember Mirror, Mirror on the Wall as children having never read the book. Many of the Mandela Effect things I hear people say, I can’t recall really or remember, so it’s easy to dismiss them as being bad memories. But certain ones, like this one, it’s something any kid older than a certain age would remember, and they all seem to remember Mirror, Mirror.

  11. This doesn’t debunk nothing a minor shift may not be a complete or big shift BUT we or ALOT of us remember watching the original VHS Snow White with the quote MIRROR MIRROR, but now its MAGIC MIRROR
    And we all remember it because alot of us as kids didn’t read the book but watched the film
    The film never quoted MAGIC MIRROR
    Nice try on trying to debunk something that you can’t debunk
    Its minor its real its happening
    And in alot of others places as well people have noticed

    • It’s debunked, get over it.
      I don’t even know why people are making a big deal out of this one, because I actually DO remember it as “magic mirror” and I know I can’t be the only one (still have the original VHS).
      Just because you all have a shitty memory, doesn’t mean you get to make up stuff. Can we grow up now and just focus on things that are actually important? Thanks.

  12. You know, this whole Mandela effect story seems something manoeuvered by those in power: they edit books, videos and try to convince people that it is a change in timeline. Real changes of past events I am sure exist, but changes in anything online are higly suspicious: they have an agenda to modify the bible and any text that does not fit into their new theories they want us to believe. The fact that Google itself, which is owned by the secret powers, shows the trend of Mandela effect, is higly indicative to me that they are pushing this story for their own agenda. About the records of Mandela’s death everything is back on line now. I say back on line because Google can simply have obscured them for a while, the time you were told that you were on another timeline. Only changes

    • You are absolutely correct. This is an important issue. It is designed to confuse and your memory or perception. I remember watching Sesame Street when my boys were young. They had Count Dracula. I was corrected and said it was the count. I said no it was
      Count Dracula. So the person showed me it was the count. Even then I said they changed it.

  13. Only changes in old paperback copies and DVD can be trustable as proof. And unfortunately the big powers have big money to pay people to comment that they have seen these changes. The prize is big, it is the control of the whole humanity. Once you manage to convince people for example that the bible always said that homosexuality is natural you can tear down the last resistance to accept it and be all gays and lesbianhen with it comes control through reknown as masonic and implied in subliminal mass consciousness in the children

  14. I cant believe how much misrembering is happening with people that do the stock at the store’s,cause when I say I’m looking for a product by describing without saying the name they always say the old way.Like this my grammy wanted me to get her adult diapers but I cant remember the name,Oh yeah depends or hey whats the name of those noodles in a cup,oh you mean cup o noodle or whats that soda coca cola makes named zero oh you mean coke zero,I cant even trick them into saying coca cola zero.If its misspeling/rememembering and you can find it just because you’re looking then why can’t I find money just because I’m looking.Look how people attack each other for misspelling something yet skeptics dont even analyze the pattern of over and over its been spelled correctly and incorrectly in the same article so why doesnt it happen with things we dont believe have changed.I’m surprised the government remembered to steal or all the houses aren’t lopsided from people misremembering how to measure correctly with our tiny little dumb fallible brains.Amazing how people that have never heard about this answer all the questions the old way then can immediately be lead to believe their brain is tricking them.Just shows humans are weak and easily dismiss themselves as credible.I on the other hand don’t care how weak minded people are because excercise critical thinking and won’t be swayed by public opinion,especially when its been proven they soon wont be able to not misremember where to wipe after they poop.

  15. If something is unobservable, because the very nature of observation causes the reaction to cease to react (Double-Slit Experiment in Quantum Physics), then how can the scientific method of observation be rationally applied to the subject?

    It was possible during the Double-Slit Experiment and quantum computer may indeed both be causing and one-day prove this phenomenon (assuming legal reasons don’t stop it from being revealed) to have occurred and will likely prove we are capable of making alterations at the subatomic level that reinforce a continuum of changes retroactively.

  16. I have many proofs of “Mirror Mirror on the wall” for Snow White, “Looney Toons” original instead of the actual hacked “Looney Tunes”, “Froot Loops” original instead of the actual hacked “Fruit Loops”, “Febreeze” original instead of the actual “Febreze”, and the list goes on!

    • Exactly. I remember froot loops. Another annoying thing is mobile phone typing. Sometimes it changes the words. When you send you miss what words have been altered. Not only that the spell check may be for American English which is different to British Austrlalian

  17. It should actually be called the Cern effect they tore a hole between the veil the effects are just beginning some people will stay blind while others will wake up many will be deceived I know for a personal fact something has happened it’s become our new reality eyes wide open or blind your choice I condemn neither I just accept this is the new reality people who are calling other people crazy are just scared so I’m not hard on them I feel sorry for the blind in truth I’m watching and waiting to see what’s next and hoping for a better future for my children and the grandchildren I have like my wife asks me why are you worried about what’s changed you can’t do anything about it and she’s right I’m kinda having fun checking out all the changes in the world it’s like being a kid all over again learning new things am I scared no amazed yes so all of you who see all these changes don’t freak out have fun and play with it at least your not blind like the others love will always rule even in the worst and chaotic of times remember that all these other things that are happening are meaningless as long as you remember to love

  18. How on earth does it matter if it’s Mirror Mirror or Magic Mirror? It’s just a trivial thing. I can’t believe we’re arguing about this. If people want to use Magic Mirror or Mirror Mirror , it’s up to them. Why is this such a big deal??

    • It is a big deal because history is been changed under our eyes. This is used to spread confusion and for people to lose credibility.

  19. People simply remember things wrong, or remember other versions. Shrek says “Mirror Mirror”, The live action Disney Princess show, Once Upon a Time says “Mirror Mirror” and, also, Disney didn’t invent Snow White. There have been other versions on stage and screen. They usually say “Mirror Mirror” and so it is engrained in the culture.

    In Empire Strikes Back, Vader ALWAYS said “No. I am your father.” It doesn’t make sense the other way because he says it in REPLY to Luke saying “You killed him.”

    Star Wars is a horrible example anyway since Lucas keeps changing them for real!

  20. It’s mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? It’s Luke I am your father! There are others but I don’t have time. I’ve always said if you’re right and you know you’re right you don’t have to argue to prove it. Have a great day!

  21. Nobody mentioned that fact that the word mandala is not spelled mandela?

    So is this blog about the Nelson Mandela effect or the mandala effect?

    ‘We the sheeple’ are clearly ignorant of so so so much, i.e. how many of ye sheeple even know which axis a mirror uses to reflect your image back at ‘ewe’ from cradle to grave????


    ‘mirror mirror on the wall, is it hex, why, or zed, grinning back at me for an eternity?’
    go back to shleep folks, btw your fairy tale has a new Burgermeister King tRUMP.

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